30 Days of Reading With My Kids

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Kicking off the New Year is always filled with goals and resolutions. This year, instead of having lofty ideas set for myself, I’m going to keep it simple.

I’m focusing on a parenting goal for January, and I hope y’all join in the fun!

30 days of reading with children

My Challenge – 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

Storytime used to be a huge part of our daily routine, but with many small children in the house, I’ve gotten out of the habit.

Over the next 30 days (January 2 until January 31st), I’ll be reading with my kids each and every day. I’ll share some of our favorites with you, along with tips, tricks, crafts, and advice for reading to a houseful of children.

Day 1: Capture the Moments Reading
Day 2: Using the Library with Little Ones
Day 3: Catholic Saints Books for Kids
Day 4: Tips for Reading with Babies and Toddlers
Day 5: Board Books
Day 6: Create Your Own Storybook with Your Kids
Day 7: Tips for Reading with Boys
Day 8: Picture Books
Day 9: Wordless Picture Books
Day 10: Reading Logs – Don’t miss the FREE Printable!
Day 11: Tips for Reading with Girls 
Day 12: Reading Ebooks with Kids
Day 13: Beginning Chapter Books
Day 14: Our Favorite Chapter Books for Girls 
Day 15:
Day 16:
Day 17:
Day 18:
Day 19:
Day 20:
Day 21:
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24:
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29:
Day 30:

I’ll be joining 11 other women, tackling our toughest challenges together! Just search for the hashtag #30DayMom on your favorite social media outlet to keep track.


Come follow along as we all face our challenges for the month of January!

Chrissy at The Taylor House

Challenge:30 Day Pantry Challenge

Chrissy Taylor is a wife, mom, blogger and property manager. She and her husband of 16 years are raising two active boys in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Chrissy enjoys blogging about cooking, crafts, gifts and household tips.

You can connect with her at: The Taylor House or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google +.

Kelli at 3 Boys and a Dog

Challenge: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Kelli lives on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast with her three boys, husband, and two dogs. Blogging since November 2006, Kelli is your go to source for all things homeschooling & homemaking.

Follow 3 Boys and a Dog on: Facebook , Pinterest ,G+, Instagram and Twitter

Crystal at Crystal & Co.

Challenge: 30 Day Busy Mom Dinner Challenge

Crystal is a Dallas mom blogger to five boys and in the midst of raising a blended family. She believes in the power of meal planning and loves creating easy recipes. She’s a frequent speaker in the Dallas area, helping mothering and parenting groups. She loves helping busy families get dinner on the table.

Follow Crystal and Comp on: Facebook, Pinterest, G+, Instagram and Twitter

Holly at Kids Activities Blog

Holly created the Kids Activities Blog – all about fun things to do with kids.

She is taking on the 30 Day Challenge to get her kids to do chores – which hasn’t been so much fun in the past. She has three boys ages 8, 10 and 12 who can’t remember to pick up their dirty clothes or take out the trash.

You can follow her adventure on Instagram, G+ and as @Texasholly on Twitter. (psst.. she also has a rockin’ Pinterest!)

Shannon at Milk and Cuddles

Challenge:30 Days Declutter Challenge

Shannon traded in her sensible NYC TV producer shoes (they were best for taking the subway), for a pair of Texas Cowboy boots when she married her best friend! He’s at fault for making this Yankee a Texan! Shannon blogs at MilkandCuddles.com where she writes about all things that make a house a home. Her chief blogging inspiration is being the proud, slightly neurotic mom of a preschool age daughter.

You can find Shannon on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and her new favorite place to hang out,G+.

Dianna at The Kennedy Adventures

Challenge: 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

Dianna Kennedy is the soon to be mother of six. Her home base is The Kennedy Adventures, where she writes about managing a large family, classical homeschooling, and living her Catholic faith.

Follow The Kennedy Adventures on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

Sherri at Luv a Bargain

Challenge: 30 Days of Clean Eating

Sherri is a wife, mom of two and blogger. She and her family live in New Hampshire, enjoying a simple, healthy and frugal lifestyle. Sherri loves blogging about saving money, recipes, crafts and DIY.

Follow Luv A Bargain on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

Megan at Coffee Cups and Crayons

Challenge: 30 Days of Fruits and Veggies

Megan Sheakoski is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog that shares fun and useful ideas for modern parents. She believes that small, intentional acts of kindness {and really good coffee!} can change the world.

You can follow all of her learning activities, kids crafts, and party inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

Andrea at The Greenbacks Gal

Challenge: 30 Days of Sugar Detox

Andrea Green of The Greenbacks Gal is an organic coupon expert who loves using her coupon finds to create whole food recipes. Nothing makes her happier than to help people realize being organic and following a whole foods diet doesn’t have to cost more.

Follow The Greenbacks Gal on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

Kelley at The Grant Life

Challenge: 30 Days of Natural Living

Kelley is the mama behind the Grant Life blog where you can find easy homemade recipes, crafts and household tips! The Grants are one husband, two toddlers, two dogs and two very large cats. They love to cook together,get messy, chase each other and laugh way too much. The Grants believe that everyday chaos is normal and the Grant life shares that!

Follow The Grant Life on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

Jamie at Hands on as We Grow

Challenge: 30 Days of Kids’ One-on-One Time

Jamie learned to be a hands on mom by creating activities, crafts and art projects for her three boys to do, sharing them on hands on : as we grow. Jamie takes the creative outlet as a way to get through the early years of parenting with a smile!

Follow Hands On As We Grow on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

Tiffany at Eat at Home Cooks

Challenge: 30 Days of Meaningful Meals

Tiffany King writes the blog Eat at Home, where she shares simple, family friendly recipes. The site also offers Weekly Meal Plans, including an All Slow Cooker version with grocery lists and printable recipes. Tiffany is married to Jim and they have four kids.

Follow Eat At Home Cooks on: Facebook :: Pinterest :: G+ :: Instagram :: Twitter

I’m looking forward to sharing our days with you and having loads of fun!


  1. Holly Homer says

    What a fun challenge! So glad you are doing this.

  2. Shannon+Schmid says

    I love this idea. In our house daddy ends up doing a lot of the reading – I need to get in there too! Love this challenge!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      As we’ve added more kids in the mix, Brett took over a LOT of the reading here, too. I was busy putting a baby to bed, so he was the storyteller. My daughter has books that she prefers ME to read, like longer chapter books. 🙂

  3. I really like your challenge. I should do such kind of challenge one day. Please don’t be hesitated sharing your challenge days in our pintastic party. Nice to meet you.

  4. As a homeschooling mom of five I understand how easy it is for reading aloud to get push aside for more urgent matters! One of my goals for this year is to read 1 chapter book a month with my 7 yr old daughter (my only girl). Thanks for sharing your challenge via Family Fun Friday!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Absolutely! At the end of the day, I’m WHOOPED! One of my ideas is to NOT wait until bedtime. Looking forward to connecting with you — thanks for coming by!

  5. This is a great idea! Thanks for linking up to Pintastic Pinteresting Party! I look forward to following your 30 books!

  6. Stephanie Pitcher Fishman says

    This is a great challenge! I love it! Thanks for linking up to my Most Marvelous Adventure link-up –> http://www.stephaniefishman.com/creating-a-reading-list/

    I can’t wait to read the rest of your series.


    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Thanks for dropping in, Stephanie! My entire family has been excited about this challenge! We love reading and are looking forward to getting back into the habit.

  7. Great idea for a series, I love it! Books are fabulous and kids learn that when parents take time to read to them. 🙂

  8. Emma @ P is for Preschooler says

    The 30-day challenge idea is a great one and I love your challenge the most! What a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with kids and get in some reading too!

  9. I really love this idea! I need to do a better job with reading to the kids for pleasure! Thanks. And Thanks for linking up to Good Tips Tuesday!

  10. I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your Romanic Homeschool link up to Good TIps Tuesday. SO, Thanks for linking that up to Good Tips Tuesday too! And, I will be at that Homeschool Conference too! Although, I live in Cincinnati, so, maybe it won’t be so romantic! haha Maybe we will run into each other! I am so excited to hear Matt Walsh!! You should visit the Creation Museum while you are in town too! It’s in Northern KY, but only about 10 minutes from Cincy.

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Thanks for letting me know — I had inadvertently turned the darn comments off! Aack!

      My kids have been to the Creation Museum with my best friend and loved it. 🙂 I’m super excited about the conference — I keep stalking the page to see the schedule! Woot! I’d love to meet up with you, at least just for a few minutes!

  11. Jodie @ Growing Book by Book says

    What a great challenge! Reading is one of our favorite times of the day.

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