Free Printable Reading Logs : 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

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As my kids get older, I want to make sure that they keep the love of reading that they have now. I’m aiming to make reading a daily habit, like brushing their teeth or making their bed.

As a part of our daily chore chart, I require 20 minutes of reading per day. This is ‘free reading’, meaning the kids can pick their own books. Rachel has to read on her own, while the boys need to sit and listen.


free printable reading log


Want to keep track of the books your kids are reading? How about a printable reading log?

I’ve got a set of free printable reading logs for the entire year.

You can print the entire year out and put them in a binder, or print them out month to month as you need them. It’s a fun way to keep your kids motivated to read more!

30 days of reading with children

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