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I’ve been blessed with girls who love to read. My oldest daughter always asks for books for Christmas gifts and Rachel always has a book by her side. If your daughters are more reluctant to read, don’t miss these tips for reading with girls.

tips for reading with girls

Tips for Reading with Girls

Start Early and Be Enthusiastic

In our home, we start reading to our kids when they’re still babies.

When you’re reading to your little ones, be enthusiastic! Read with silly voices, make cow noises and sing. They will love it.

Be a Good Reading Role Model

You can’t expect your girls to love reading if they never see you with a book in your hand. My girls share my love of reading, partially because I set a good example.

Play to Her Passions

Does your daughter love art? Or is she enamored with horses? (don’t miss our favorite books for girls who love horses!)

If your daughter has an interest in a particular subject, bring books on those topics into the house. Bring in board books, picture books, chapter books and even non-fiction books to spark her curiosity.

Let Your Daughter Choose

If your daughter is a reluctant reader, how about giving her a choice? Let her pick out her own selections at the library or bookstore. Here are some of our favorite chapter books for girls to help you get started.

Move Beyond the Princesses and Fairies

Even though you let your daughter choose her own books, try to gently encourage her to branch out. Try to expand her horizons a bit. (did you see the list of our favorite picture books? It’s a great start!)

Don’t Forget to Utilize the Library

The library is a marvelous place to encourage a love of reading with your daughters. Our local library has storytimes, science classes for homeschoolers, meet the author nights, reading challenges and more!

Create a Mother Daughter Book Club

Seeking encouragement of other mothers? What about creating or joining a mother-daughter book club?

Get together with some of your friends and help spark or encourage a life long love of reading in your girls. Need help getting started? I found this step by step guide to creating your own mother-daughter book club.

Do you have any tips for reading with girls? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Love the suggestion to let reluctant readers choose their own books, BUT (as a children’s librarian and Christian) I suggest bringing a pile of age- and subject- appropriate choices to your daughter as options. Unfortunately, not all libraries are safe for young children any more. Also, a children’s librarian is trained to advise you with suggestions based on YOUR criteria, and are paid with your tax dollars, do use their services, more are homeschool friendly than you think.
    God bless, CLS

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      You bring up a great point. We check all of the kids’ selections before they leave. In our local children’s section, I have ran across a few selections that are not appropriate for our family’s values. (and I was very passive-agressive in taking it off the shelf and ‘hiding’ it behind some boxes)

      So great to see you here, friend!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Good Tips Tuesday!

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