Using the Library with Little Ones

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We visit the library frequently with our children, and I love to see how much they’re learning there.

They know the librarians by name, and have quickly figured out where things are. They’ve learned the shelves that contain chapter books and picture books, board books for Maeve and where the audiobook section is located.

While the big kids are off looking for books that suit their fancy, you’ll find me cuddled up with Maeve on some of the big pillows, reading books that she’s grabbed off the shelves.

storytime at the library

Our library holds more than just books for us. We’re able to check out movies, music CDs, books on tape or CD, explore the internet on the computers there, bring home Playaways (individual audiobook players or DVD players loaded with movies or shows), and connect with other families during storytimes.

We’ve even been able to attend popcorn parties and playgroups to help us learn baby sign language!

How do you and your family take advantage of the (mostly) free resources that your local library provides?

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