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We’ve talked about a few different ways we experience books in our house. Whether it’s board books or picture books, chapter books or audio books, there are so many possibilities.

One new idea for us is using ebooks for children. My children are very familiar with using an iPad and Kindle, but they’re used to playing games and watching movies.

Using an ereader can be an amazing resource in reading with your children. Classics like Little Women and Robinson Crusoe are available for free, making them simple to share with your children at bedtime. I keep an eye on the free offerings from Amazon and have found some new favorites for my children.

using worksheets with iPad
Some of my homeschooling friends offer emergent readers on their websites for free. Instead of printing these out, what about putting them on your iPad or Kindle? My friend Ashely has a great tutorial to help explain using your iPad and worksheets together.

For more ideas about using e-readers with children, you’ll want to check out the Teaching with Technology iHomeschool Hangout. We shared some great tips there. (Can’t see the video? Follow this link.

Do you let your children use e-readers or tablets? How has it worked for you?


30 days of reading with children

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  1. Merri Dennis says

    Thanks for sharing some great ideas about ebooks. For my son’s high school course this year, we’ve purchased print, audio, and ebook versions. They all have a purpose.
    I’m stopping by from the 100 Days Challenge and love what you’re doing on your blog.

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Thanks for coming by, Merri!

      I have a local friend whose son was required to purchase a Kindle for school – they’re using them for textbooks now. Wow!

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