10 Best Summer and Beach Books for Preschoolers

Heading to the beach? Don't miss these awesome ocean books for preschoolers.

We’ve had a long, drawn out winter here in Kentucky. To pass the time until our weather changes for the better, we’ve been reading our favorite beach books for preschoolers. Even our big kids enjoy these treasured picture books! Come take a look at what we love! 1.Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! We usually travel to […]

Amazing Help for Homeschool Families: Virtual Field Trips

If you asked my children their favorite part of homeschooling, they will always answer, “FIELD TRIPS!” I used to be a rock star homeschool mom, planning playdates and field trips at least a few times a month. That was when I was still on my A game. Now, as I juggle working outside the home […]

Free Online Math Resources for Your Homeschool

Looking for math resources that won't break your homeschooling budget? Don't miss this extensive list of FREE math games and printables, from preschool to high school students.

Are you struggling to keep your children engaged in their homeschool math curriculum? Don’t forget — math is much more than boring textbooks, repetitive worksheets or memorizing tables. Spice up your math routine with these online math resources. As an added bonus, they are all FREE! Number Nut Number Nut has a giant range of […]

Rethinking My Approach to a Classical Preschool at Home

Classical Preschool at Home doesn't have to be formal! Come see how we use the Memoria Press classical preschool in our busy home.

Back in the beginning of the school year, I busied myself with preparing for our classical preschool at home. I was delighted to get started with a formal program with Maeve. I collected all of the books we’d need, and started reviewing the lesson plans from Memoria Press. Memoria Press created a beautiful, classical preschool […]

Homeschool Planet – The Perfect Paperless Organization for Homeschooling Moms

Looking for the perfect online homeschool planner for your busy family? Take a peep at Homeschool Planet.

In January, everyone’s thoughts turn to planning, cleaning, and organizing all of the aspects of your life. Homeschooling moms aren’t immune to this desire to have everything all neat and tidy. It’s just a challenge at times, with so many irons in the fire. This year, I wanted to be a bit more organized with […]