10 Best Summer and Beach Books for Preschoolers

Heading to the beach? Don't miss these awesome ocean books for preschoolers.

Hooray, summer is finally here! My kids have already hit the pool and splash parks in our city. We love the longer days filled with sunshine! To keep them occupied, and to get me in the summer mood, we’ve been reading our favorite summer books and beach books for preschoolers. Come take a look at […]

10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

healthy snack ideas for kids

During the summer, we spend a lot of time away from home. While we’re at the park or pool, I need healthy snacks for my family that we can grab and go. Here are the healthy snacks for kids you’ll find in our pantry, fridge and lunchboxes. 1. Clif Bars My kids and I both […]

10 Ways to Cure a Grumpy Mom

ways to cure a grumpy mom

Do you struggle with being a grump? Does your mood switch from sunshine and rainbows to a fire-breathing dragon in the blink of an eye? My kids will give you the truth around here. I am a grumpy mother more often than I care to admit. Today, I’ll share my tips for getting yourself out […]

10 Toys Twin Boys Can’t Destroy

boy proof toys

In our house, toys better be sturdy to stand up to two rough and tumble boys. For the past five years, these are the toys that have passed the test of my twin boys. 1. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe I’ve had one of these in my house for the past fifteen years or so. My […]

10 Tips to Having a Natural Childbirth

10 tips to natural childbirth

We’re less than 2 weeks from the due date of Baby 5.0, and I’m planning a natural, unmedicated childbirth. If you’re considering the same path, I’m offering my best tips. 1. Learn All You Can I stumbled into natural childbirth by accident — I wanted to wait as long as I could before requesting an […]