10 Tips for Running in the Summer Heat

10 tips for running in warm weather

In Kentucky, the heat and humidity start early — this year, we were hitting 70 and 80 degrees in March! Running in warm weather brings a whole new set of challenges. With some preparation, you can keep running all summer, in preparation for fall races. 1. Run Early My husband is a fan of running […]

10 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

10 things to pack in your hospital bag

It’s a little over one month until the expected arrival of Baby 5.0 — so it’s time to pack the hospital bag! Hooray! 1. Moisturizer/lip gloss Hospital air is notorious for being dry, so extra moisturizer and lip gloss are essential. Some of my favorites? Made on lotion is a hard lotion bar, stored in […]

10 Beautiful Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower ideas, baby shower themes

I’m a firm believer in celebrating a baby’s birth — no matter if we’re discussing the first baby, or the fifth. Babies are a joy, a gift and a blessing …. what better reason to throw a party? Have you been tapped to host a baby shower or sprinkle? Here are some great ideas about […]

10 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Little Boys

birthday party ideas for boys

Are you planning a birthday party for little boys? Anything LOUD, with the option to climb or get dirty is sure to please your fellows. Be sure to check out this list — including pirates, dinosaurs, mad scientists, superheroes and more! 1. Pirate Party Argh, matey! We LOVE pirates around these parts! Get started with […]

10 Pieces of Running Gear That I LOVE

When I started running, I thought that you just got up and ran. You could do that, but I’ve discovered along the way that there are loads of clothing, running gear, gadgets and websites that make running easier, and a lot more fun.   Take a look at this list of essential running gear – […]