10 Beautiful Baby Shower Ideas

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I’m a firm believer in celebrating a baby’s birth — no matter if we’re discussing the first baby, or the fifth. Babies are a joy, a gift and a blessing …. what better reason to throw a party?

Have you been tapped to host a baby shower or sprinkle? Here are some great ideas about how to get started.

baby shower ideas

Be sure and ask your mom to be about her plans, as well as the father of the baby. Showers for couples can be loads of fun.

Stumped for ideas for food? Head over to Living Locurto and peep at Amy’s list of party ideas. They’re sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Baby Bottle Pina Coladas

Photo credit – Food Network

I love this idea from the Food Network – Baby Bottle Pina Coladas!

While searching through Pinterest, I found an array of amazing themes. Most of these could work for a boy or a girl.

Golden Books Baby Shower

photo credit: Aesthetic Nest

1. Golden Books Baby Shower

As a lover of all things literature, I adored this beautiful shower. Plus, Golden Books make me think of my childhood. Our bookshelves are filled with Golden Books we’ve collected, too.

Golden Books Baby Shower

Photo Credit: Aesthetic Nest

At this shower, all guests were asked to bring a book, and the hostess provided book plates for the guests to customize. Simple, yet sentimental and unique.

owl cupcake toppers

Photo Credit {the paige spot}

2. Owl Themed Baby Shower

Is the mom to be due in the fall months? An owl theme would be perfect, and easily customizable for either gender.

Get started here with Next Stop Baby for ideas for invitations, cupcake toppers and party favors.

owl baby shower

Photo Credit: Calico and Cupcakes

Looking for a woodsy variation on the owl theme? Calico and Cupcakes went all out with a beautiful shower, complete with a dessert tree.

3. Fireman Theme

Since I’ve become a boy mom, I’ve learned to love fire engines. This theme is sure to be a hit for boy moms to be, or wives of firemen.

fireman cupcake toppers

Photo Credit: Paper Rock Dove

The color scheme is easy -red, black, white, and maybe some yellow. Fireman hats are found at most dollar stores – that would be an adorable photo op with the shower guests and mom. Games played at children’s fireman parties could be easily modified, too.

There are plenty of fun ideas about food as well …. I’d vote for red velvet cake.

she's about to pop baby shower

Photo Credit: Me and My Insanity

4. She’s About to Pop!

Every mother knows about being pregnant and feeling like you’re about to burst. This shower theme has some fun with that ‘she’s about to pop!’ thought.

popcorn favor for baby shower

Photo Credit: Scissors and Spatulas

This delicious popcorn snack fits right in with the theme, too. I may not wait until a baby shower to try this recipe!

gender neutral baby shower

Photo Credit Lisa Storms

5. Shower Mom with Love

This sweet theme would be perfect for a spring baby of either gender. The DIY details make a big impact, and I’m a fan of the soft colors.

gender neutral baby shower

Photo Credit Lisa Storms

6. Farmhouse Brunch Shower

This shower idea jumped out at me for the quote on the chalkboard.

farmhouse baby shower brunch

Photo Credit:Hostess with the Mostess

That’s from one of my favorite children’s books, and it’s an instant tear jerker.

I love breakfast foods, and the idea of doing a brunch really appealed to me. The milk bottles filled with milk and orange juice would be such a fun way to serve drinks.

personalized water bottles for baby shower

Photo credit:craigwhitney.blogspot.com

7. Pat the Bunny

Another one of my favorite children’s books lends itself to an incredible themed shower. This one is for a girl, but could easily be gender neutral, or boy oriented.

flower favors for baby shower

Photo Credit:craigwhitney.blogspot.com

8. Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Cookies

Photo Credit: Giggles Galore

Who doesn’t like sock monkeys? This shower was set off with browns, reds and teal blue, along with vintage toys. Perfect for a gender neutral shower!

Sock Monkey Baby Shower party

Photo Credit: Giggles Galore

9. Honey Bee Shower

No demure pale yellow here! I LOVE the bright yellow, black and white color scheme, as well as the fun honey theme.

honey bee baby shower

Photo credit to Bird’s Party

Gender Reveal baby shower

Photo Credit: Wide Open Spaces

10. Gender Reveal Party

When I was pregnant the last time around, I made a promise to my husband that we would not find out the baby’s gender. When we discovered we were having twins, I wanted to kick myself. I stayed strong, and was thrilled to let my husband announce the sex of the babies in the delivery room.

Nowdays, all the rage is a Gender Reveal Party – parents find out the gender via ultrasound, and let the guests in on the big secret during the party. I love the bright gender neutral colors!

You don’t HAVE to have games at your party, but I ran across some ideas that I’d love to see at a shower. You could assemble ‘baby’ pictures from photos of mom and dad, drink beer from a baby bottle (see why the dads get invited?) and pin the sperm on the uterus.

Sperm and Egg Game

Photo Compliments of Sarcasm 101

If you don’t want to embarrass your mother in law, you could stick to a more traditional wishes for baby activity, or for crafty types, decorate onsies for the new baby.


Am I missing a theme that you love? Leave me a comment and link up to your favorite party idea! 


  1. Leah (Next Stop Baby) says

    Thanks for the shout out! Great post!!!

  2. I agree! All babies should be celebrated! I love the about to pop theme, so cute!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      I love babies, pregnant mommas, and everything in between! I had a lot of fun writing this post … it’s hard to say which one is my favorite!

  3. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy says

    You had me at baby-bottle-pina-coladas. Or maybe just at Pinterest! These pics you’ve culled are amazing.

    I don’t get out enough, apparently….I’ve never been to a gender reveal party!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Aren’t those the cutest things ever!

      Pinterest is the reason my husband is out of clean dress shirts! I LOVE finding things there!

      Apparently, gender reveal parties are all the rage! Who knew?

  4. Love this collection of ideas and pics! =)

  5. What great ideas! Thank you for gathering them and then I can come to one place for a bunch of ideas. Can’t wait to go to my next shower!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      You’ve got 10 great ideas to get you started! It’s so hard to pick a favorite!

      Have fun, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. These are all so cute, it’s hard to pick a favorite! But I think I like the sock monkey shower the best. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      that one really is sweet, and would work well for either gender — imagine bows on the sock monkies for a girl! Squeal!

  7. Okay, maybe I’m just emotional right now, being pregnant and all with my third baby girl, but these ideas/photos are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes. I think what did it is that you wrote each baby is worth celebrating! We’ve been on the receiving end from family about having a third baby, and it’s not been easy. I love that you believe each baby should be celebrated, I do too!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      First off, congratulations!!!! I haven’t seen you around in a while, and I’m thrilled to hear your good news!

      Sigh — it’s hard, isn’t it, to add to your family, and feel like no one’s excited but you? I’m sending you a virtual hug … and yes, you KNOW how I feel. This growing baby girl is such a blessing and a gift, and deserves a celebratory party! I’ll be visiting, to keep an eye on how you’re doing!

      A house full of girls …. how awesome!!!

  8. Love that you showed the bee theme! I just threw my bff a shower using “Mommy to Bee” as the theme. 🙂 I got all my stuff here: http://www.rosemarycompany.com/Buzz-BaBEE-Shower-Theme.html
    I got the tiny honey jars personalized because I’m not a crafty person, but I loved the thought of giving guests something they would actually use.
    That pin the sperm on the uterus got me strange looks at work. I actually guffawed and had my co-workers staring.

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      I LOVE the bee theme — it’s just so bright and fun! Looking over my choices, it appears that I have a thing for yellow!!

      That’s such a sweet idea with the honey jars! And, you’re right — that’s a gift that would definitely be used!

      That Uterus is a RIOT! My husband thought I’d lost my mind!

  9. You know, this post makes me realize that for the first time in a long time, no one I know is pregnant at the moment! Great suggestions, though, that I’ll have to bookmark

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      After writing it, I thought, “oh, boy. People are going to think I’M PREGNANT, writing about baby showers.”

      I’m not, but I’ll have to figure out some creative way to announce it on the blog if I’m so lucky.

      My sister is due any minute, and we actually just had her shower, too.

      I’m filing them away, in case I ever need them, too!

  10. great themes ! i am partial to the owl themed shower 🙂

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      I think the owl would be fabulous for a fall shower … how pretty would oranges, browns, and yellows be?

      It’s definitely one of my favorites!

  11. Thanks so much for including my popcorn favors along with these other fabulous ideas!

  12. Wow! Great photos to inspire! My favorite is the bumble bee baby shower. Thanks for the great ideas.

  13. I like your great ideas! Thank you for sharing them.

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