10 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

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It’s a little over one month until the expected arrival of Baby 5.0 — so it’s time to pack the hospital bag! Hooray!

10 things to pack in your hospital bag

1. Moisturizer/lip gloss
Hospital air is notorious for being dry, so extra moisturizer and lip gloss are essential.

Some of my favorites?
Made on Lotion

Made on lotion is a hard lotion bar, stored in a tin. The 2 oz size is perfect to slip in your purse, diaper bag, or cosmetic bag, and you won’t have to worry about spilling!

Earthy Browns

If you’re close to Louisville, be sure and check out Earthy Browns. One of my closest friends (as well as fellow twin momma and homeschooling momma) is blessed to have a fabulous family business featuring handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms and more! I’ll be packing some of the lemongrass soap in my bag, and I have Earthy Browns lip balm in every purse/tote bag I own. I LOVE IT!

Me, in my sweaty Sweaty Band!

2. Headbands

When there’s work to be done, no matter if it’s cleaning the house, running, or being hard at work delivering a baby, I’d better have my hair out of my face.

My favorite headbands ever? Sweaty Bands! These are thick, non slip, and have kept my hair out of my face for a 13.1 mile run! Available in all sorts of colors, including a cute Baby on Board version!

3. Music
I’ve never been one to try music out while in labor, mostly because it’s been a fast and furious adventure.

My sweet buddy (and amazing photographer) Jessica was kind enough to send me happy, serene labor vibes with her CDs. I’ll be loading these into iTunes and sticking them in my bag.

4. Chargers for iPad, camera, cell phone, etc

I know my husband and I will be bringing plenty of electronic devices on our trip to the hospital. The last thing I want is for a still camera or video camera to go dead. I’ll be making sure these are in the suitcase, ready to go. An extra memory card might come in handy as well.

nursing a toddler

5. Nursing bras

I’m a breastfeeding momma, so a big section of my hospital bag will be devoted to breastfeeding accoutrements. I’ve learned that it’s beneficial to spend more on quality, especially if you’ll be returning to work at some point.

What do I own?

Japanese weekend bra

Japanese weekend sleep bras – these are lighter support, perfect for sleeping, or lounging around the house.

glamour mom nursing tank

Heading out of the house, I prefer nursing tanks, for covering up the side pudge, and offering me a little more coverage for nursing in public.

Glamour mom nursing tanks are my go-to, workhorse nursing tanks. They are available in a rainbow of covers, some with lace trim. The longer versions are catching my eye now, since I’m going to feel self conscious about being post partum at the pool.

Even better than GlamourMom are the Bravado nursing tanks These offer a little bit more separation between the girls, and doesn’t look so uni-boob.

If you’re not worried about getting pregnant while your baby is small, your husband might appreciate this lacy number!

nursing bra

6. Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding may be natural, but that’s not a guarantee that it’s easy. There are steps you can take to make yourself a bit more comfortable.

Hospitals usually hand out Lanisoh, but I’m packing Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Nipple Butter – made with olive oil and cocoa butter.

nursing pads

I’ve used disposable nursing pads in the past, but for this breastfeeding journey, I’m switching over to washable pads. It seems a little more green, and much more comfortable.

7. Pretty Pajamas

Add some pretty pajamas (tank top or button up tops are great for nursing mothers), slippers, and a robe. For me, this is going to be a challenge to find some modest pajamas that I won’t be sweaty, during the summer months.

Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff

8. Post Partum Care Products

Pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery can leave a momma feeling like she’s been hit by a semi truck, especially in the nether regions. I’ve got all my pampering products all ready to go:

Mama Bottom Balm – you can use this during the end of your pregnancy, as well as following labor and delivery. Paraben free – consists of olive oil base and herbs like witch hazel, calendula and more.

New Mama Bottom Spray – lavender, witch hazel and peppermint oils soothe tender skin – can also be used for sunburn relief!

Postpartum Bath Herbs – You can use these moistened and iced, as a cool compress, or in a warm sitz bath for added comfort.

I’ve also switched over to mama cloth – much more comfortable than disposable pads. I’m packing a wet bag in my suitcase to bring these home.

kleen kanteen

9. water bottle

You’ll need to stay hydrated while breastfeeding, help keep things moving in your digestive system, and replenish fluids lost while in labor. You don’t see me without my Kleen Kanteen close at hand. You can pick it up in a million different colors — we have plain stainless steel for Brett, and a baby pink for me.

Another thing I’ll be taking? Coconut water – great source of electrolytes, and a bit of a break from plain water.

For Number 10 – be sure and leave a comment with YOUR favorite addition to the hospital bag! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great list! I just recently discovered this gem–DIY nursing tanks. You just use regular tanks and with just a few minutes, you have your own nursing tank! I LOVE this! http://thejensonjaunts.blogspot.com/2011/07/thrifty-fun-diy-make-your-own-nursing.html

    • That’s a cool idea — I’m actually in a co-op that bought some of the Undercover Mama nursing tank converter things.

      I’m not a sewer at all — and I need PLENTY of support. These girls get monstrous with nursing — sigh. What I usually do is go and get fitted, like at Babyology, then scour the Internet for the best deals. Glamourmom has an outlet on their site, and they’re half off there. I wash them in cold, hang them up to dry, blah blah blah – basically baby them to death! The cost ends up working out OK — it’s pricey up front, but I don’t have to end up replacing them, like some of the cheap Target ones I’ve used before.

      Come to think of it, I should have put some on my registry. D’oh!

  2. [email protected] Life Happens When says:

    Lots of great ideas, Dianna! Thank you!

  3. Like the list! I did wrote the same top ten list this week lol!….I must have baby on my brain πŸ™‚

  4. Like the list! I wrote the same top ten list this week lol!….I must have baby on my brain πŸ™‚

  5. I know it seems obvious but don’t forget toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a hairbrush! Those are the things I forgot to pack when my son was born and every time my husband would make a trip back to the house I would beg him to pick them up. My poor frazzled husband forgot every time!

  6. For the cute, comfortable pajamas or lounge wear , I love, love, love, love my Aimee nursing gown. The fabric is just AWESOME. And if I can’t find mine (it’s been hiding since the move) I’m totally willing to buy another even though they’re not that cheap because they are that good. And I am a total cheapskate, so that’s saying something!

  7. Great list! I always advise mamas to pack their own TP. The hospital stuff tends to be far from soft and, while I’m not generally a TP snob, it’s nice to have a little comfort after you’ve just pushed out a baby. πŸ˜‰

  8. You sound VERY prepared! We missed on so many of these. Even w bb number four! Good luck and congrats!

  9. Oh my goodness! This cracked me up – “If you’re not worried about getting pregnant while your baby is small, your husband might appreciate this lacy number!” LOL

    One thing I always liked was to have my own underwear, rather than using those weird mesh ones from the hospital.

    • That’s kind of a shout out to my grandmother — when I was pregnant with the boys, she bought me some cutesy pie pajamas for after the babies were born — little camisole and tap pant sets.

      Brett took one look at them, and said, “Your Granny is angling for more grandkids” and winked.

      He would love that pink bra — but I’d hate my side pudge hanging out. Blech.

  10. Clothes for the baby! I like to get them into sleepers or at least onsies as soon as I can and most hospitals only do t-shirts. I always feel like I’m going to drop an infant that only has a t-shirt on…K

  11. Oh thanks for the list. I’m working on my stay at home bag and I want to get some new things. Mama cloth all the way. Lisa Schmidt was right you are a granola momma! πŸ™‚

  12. Ha! I was afraid I would gross people out — but then I thought, “oh, the heck with it!”

    I’ve been using them during this pregnancy, and I LOVE them!

  13. Stacy Uncorked says:

    Where were you 9 years ago? πŸ˜‰ Such a great list! πŸ™‚

    • hmm — let’s see — 9 years ago – I didn’t even know I was going to have all these tiny ones!! There are 11 years between my girls!

      Great to see you stop by!

  14. Great list! I will need this next month

  15. While you may just leave it in the car during labor, I would say your own pillow. I hated the pillows in American hospitals (ooo loved the ones in Germany though) so I will definitely be taking my own pillow…and one for my husband. We are blessed for his mom to come down and watch the older kiddos so he can stay with me (how awesome is he? He takes the baby in the night, after nursing, so I can sleep) so he deserves some comfort as well.

  16. Awww! Thanks for the mention dear. I was just putting together an EarthyBrowns gift bag for the new little one!

  17. Thanks for the great list! We’ve got 8 weeks or less until we meet our new little one…and this time I’m determined to actually have a bag packed before we head to the hospital! The one thing I’d add to this list is good dry shampoo…I wasn’t allowed to shower for two days. My hair was gross; and I just don’t want that happening again!

    • Leslie,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m at 4 weeks until due date!

      NO SHAMPOOING your hair? Oh, you poor thing! I would have flipped out! Where does one even get that stuff? (dry shampoo)

  18. I love this list! I wouldn’t have thought of a lot of these things.

    • I had my friends to remind me of the must haves — plus, one would hope that I’ve learned a thing or two, since I’ve been through this so many times! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for coming by, Sarah!

  19. Great list! One item I loved having was a big cartoon book that I’d never read before. It happened that our baby was born on Christmas Eve, and his daddy had wrapped this book of cartoons from The New Yorker for me and felt an urge to let me unwrap it early for something to read in labor. It was perfect for my short attention span and need for humor!

    I’m also a cloth pad fan, but my midwife gave me a great tip for the first few hours postpartum: Just stick the hospital washcloths in your pants, and then toss them in the Soiled Linens bin. Nobody will mind. You know they’ve been washed very clean before you, and you won’t have to wash them yourself after!

    • That is a MARVELOUS idea about the washcloths … although in our neck of the woods, the washcloths might be a bit rough on the lady bits. πŸ˜‰

      That’s a great idea about a fun book — after I read this comment, I watched some Brian Regan while I cleaned house!

      Great to have you stop by, Becca!

  20. great list! Loving all the helpful links!

    what else could be added? How about:

    a doula πŸ™‚

    clothes to labor in — nursing tank or sports-style bra and stretchy skirt

    a birth ball

    • Aww, Erin! Love it that you stopped by!

      I’m still trying to do my best to meet up with you, in all this pregnant glory!

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the doula idea — and I hate that I forgot to mention it.

      I already have my labor outfit picked out — am I a nut? I have the Japanese Weekend sleep bra, throw a tank top over top, along with the most comfortable Gap yoga skirt in the entire world. Ta da!

      Birth ball … hmm. The kids popped my last exercise ball. I think you may be right, and I might need a new one.

      Hope to see you soon, seriously!!!

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