10 Best Summer and Beach Books for Preschoolers

Heading to the beach? Don't miss these awesome ocean books for preschoolers.

We’ve had a long, drawn out winter here in Kentucky. To pass the time until our weather changes for the better, we’ve been reading our favorite beach books for preschoolers. Even our big kids enjoy these treasured picture books! Come take a look at what we love! 1.Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! We usually travel to […]

Why {and How} We Make Time for Music Lessons in Our Homeschool

With 5 children still at home, it’s no surprise to anyone that my days are BUSY. From riding lessons to soccer practice, my kids are eagerly involved in a myriad of activies. When I’m contemplating and planning my homeschool, fine arts is ALWAYS high on my list. You’ll see us attending shows at our fantastic […]

5 Reasons We Study Greek Mythology in Our Homeschool

Why We Study Greek Mythology in Our Homeschool

Part of the beauty of homeschooling is to have the flexibility to choose a curriculum and materials that suit your family’s needs and desires. One family may place a high value on music and art, while another family chooses technology as a cornerstone in their homeschool. In our family, following a classical curriculum is a […]

How We Use Fact Cards in our Homeschool

using fact cards in your homeschool - great way to learn, review facts and explore your children's passions

As a family who follows a classical model for our homeschool, my children are very familiar with flashcards. We use them for studying Latin and math facts, or reviewing the figures in our Greek Myths study. Before you say, “UGH! FLASH CARDS!”, have an open mind and take a look at how we use our […]

10 Things I’ve Learned While Homeschooling Twin Boys

homeschooling twin boys

I don’t make it a secret that I was a very reluctant homeschooling mother. When my husband mentioned homeschooling eight years ago, I thought he was a crackpot. Thank goodness I listened to him. As we begin to wrap up our second year of homeschooling, I’m amazed at how much my children have learned. Even […]

Highbrow : Mom’s Helper in Curating Educational Videos for Children

children's educational videos

Even though we use a classical curriculum in our homeschool, you’ll find us using educational videos for children to help supplement our days. If I’m having trouble explaining a science concept, I turn to science videos to help explain my point. While I’m helping the boys sort through new phonics rules, I encourage Rachel to […]

Using Preschool Learning Apps in Your Homeschool: Leo’s Pad from Kidaptive

using leos pad preschool learning app

Even though we’ve been homeschooling for a few years, juggling different ages still keeps me on my toes. I have trouble making sure all of my little ducks are on task, while keeping Maeve from sharing my candy stash with Baby Daniel. I’ve learned the hard way that I need to fill her tank first, […]