Highbrow : Mom’s Helper in Curating Educational Videos for Children

children's educational videos

Even though we use a classical curriculum in our homeschool, you’ll find us using educational videos for children to help supplement our days. If I’m having trouble explaining a science concept, I turn to science videos to help explain my point. While I’m helping the boys sort through new phonics rules, I encourage Rachel to […]

Using Preschool Learning Apps in Your Homeschool: Leo’s Pad from Kidaptive

using leos pad preschool learning app

Even though we’ve been homeschooling for a few years, juggling different ages still keeps me on my toes. I have trouble making sure all of my little ducks are on task, while keeping Maeve from sharing my candy stash with Baby Daniel. I’ve learned the hard way that I need to fill her tank first, […]

Meet our Relaxed Classical Students!

relaxed classical homeschool

This fall, we’re going to have four students in our homeschool. Come meet everyone! Rachel Rachel is 8 years old, and will be working though a combination of the cottage school at Highlands Latin School and the Memoria Press curriculum for third grade. Favorite subject: “Horseback riding” Least favorite: “Reading!” (what?) Things she’s looking forward […]

Our Relaxed Classical Homeschool Classroom – Right in the Living Room

We don’t have a dedicated homeschool room in our house, since we’re pressed for space. We have a 3 bedroom house plus a basement, but with 5 children here and a husband who works from home, we don’t have a room to give up. Instead, we make our space work for us. I’ve put the […]

Toddler Fun Basket – Keeping the Littles Busy While You Work

toddler fun basket

As the homeschooling mother of many, trying to keep babies and toddlers occupied while I teach lessons is a part of my daily routine. Over in the Big Book of Homeschool Ideas, I shared how we set up our homeschooling area to accommodate crawling babies and active toddlers. Some days are smoother than others, but […]