Using Preschool Learning Apps in Your Homeschool: Leo’s Pad from Kidaptive

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Even though we’ve been homeschooling for a few years, juggling different ages still keeps me on my toes. I have trouble making sure all of my little ducks are on task, while keeping Maeve from sharing my candy stash with Baby Daniel.

I’ve learned the hard way that I need to fill her tank first, before I even get started with her older brothers and sisters.

After I’ve sat down,read with her and engaged her with some of our favorite ideas for keeping toddlers busy, I’ll let her have some screen time while Rachel reviews on Latin declensions.

using leos pad preschool learning app

Thanks to her older siblings, Maeve is pretty savvy when it comes to navigating phones and tablets.

I was looking for some ideas for preschool learning apps and remembered I’d downloaded Leo’s Pad from Kidaptive a while back. {I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All views expressed are my honest opinions.}

I pulled it back out, and sat down with Maeve to explore.

leo's pad preschool learning app from kidactive

Leo’s Pad Preschool Learning App

Leo’s Pad tells the story of Leo (young Leonardo da Vinci), and his adventures. Chapter 1 begins with his plans to attend Gally’s (Galileo) birthday party.

(I loved the beautiful animation and the attention to detail — Leo has a flying machine,he builds Gally a telescope for his present, and they have a friend Marie who makes rocket fuel! My older kids picked up on the connection right away!)

Through a series of games like hide and seek, puzzles and more, Maeve practiced following directions, color recognition, learning shapes and counting.

Each time Maeve plays, the chapters become a bit more challenging, so that she doesn’t get bored. There are some areas where she needs my help (shapes like trapezoids and building CVC words), but plenty of other concepts where she’s totally comfortable. (identifying letters and colors)

leos pad preschool learning app

Explore this preschool learning app with your older toddler or preschooler! You can download the first chapter for free to get started. After you fall in love, be sure and use the coupon code IHOMESCHOOL for 20% off in the Kidaptive shop.

(This code will not work via iTunes.) Coupon valid 1/22/2015 thru ­5/31/2015

learner mosaic companion parenting app

Learner Mosaic Parenting App

The Learner Mosaic companion parenting app is a gem. Completely free, it’s full of ways to help support your children in their learning efforts, encourage them to improve, foster their interests, and celebrate their learning.

learner mosaic companion parenting app

Maeve adores doing puzzles, but she’s learned the ones in our house already. Learner Mosaic offered me the idea of turning puzzle pieces upside down, to offer her a new challenge and encourage her to use the contours of the pieces. Brilliant!

Even as a mom of six, I found some great ideas to encourage my precocious toddler.

You can pick up Learner Mosaic here or find it on iTunes.

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What about you? Did you get a chance to check out Leo’s Pad? What did you think? I’d love to hear your experience, too!

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