10 Best Summer and Beach Books for Preschoolers

Heading to the beach? Don't miss these awesome ocean books for preschoolers.

We’ve had a long, drawn out winter here in Kentucky. To pass the time until our weather changes for the better, we’ve been reading our favorite beach books for preschoolers. Even our big kids enjoy these treasured picture books! Come take a look at what we love! 1.Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! We usually travel to […]

10 Ways to Cure a Grumpy Mom

ways to cure a grumpy mom

Do you struggle with being a grump? Does your mood switch from sunshine and rainbows to a fire-breathing dragon in the blink of an eye? My kids will give you the truth around here. I am a grumpy mother more often than I care to admit. Today, I’ll share my tips for getting yourself out […]

Birthday Parties, Horseback Riding and Mom Time – 7 Quick Takes and iHN Journal

— 1 — Places we’re going and people we’re seeing …. A little girl I know turned 7 last week! Usually, we opt to have her birthday party at a park – easy cleanup, built in activity, and plenty of room to roam. This year, Rachel wanted something different. We headed for Awesome Outdoor Products […]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal in 7 Quick Takes

snakes gail gibbons

— 1 — In my life this week …. It’s as busy as always. The whole family is anxiously awaiting spring weather — we’re all a little tired of the cold! — 2 — In our homeschool this week… We’re working on nature studies, both planned and impromptu. The kids found a momma cardinal in […]

A Great Big Grump: 7 Quick Takes and Homeschool Mother’s Journal

— 1 — In my life these past few weeks… I’ve been in a funk. It started as a low lying grumpiness, which I blamed on the weather. After a trip to visit with my friends in Peoria, I came back feeling a little better, with loads of ideas for things to tackle in my […]