Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 2017

Share what you and your family are doing this month with the Homeschool Mother's Journal --- hosted monthly at iHomeschool Network.

I’m kicking off the new year with a new monthly series — the Homeschool Mother’s Journal. You’ve likely seen it in various places all over the web. There’s a permanent home now over at the iHomeschool Network, and I’ll be playing along with my pals there, sharing what’s going on in our world. In my […]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal in 7 Quick Takes

snakes gail gibbons

— 1 — In my life this week …. It’s as busy as always. The whole family is anxiously awaiting spring weather — we’re all a little tired of the cold! — 2 — In our homeschool this week… We’re working on nature studies, both planned and impromptu. The kids found a momma cardinal in […]

Human Christmas Trees, Elves and Books : 7 Quick Takes and the Homeschooling Mother’s Journal

1. In my life this week… I need a breather. Phew. It’s been crazy busy, leading up to Christmas. I’m glad that I’m taking a break next week. 2. Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… It’s busy busy busy around here. Rachel went with Daddy to see A Fairy Tale Christmas last week. This […]

Date Night and the Rodeo: 7 Quick Takes

Random thoughts? Have a theme? Somewhere in between? Spill your brain, with 7 Quick Takes! (I’m considering this my homeschool wrap up of the week, too!) Here we go …. — 1 — Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share Stick to your guns. I’m a bit of a bluffer when it comes to discipline […]

Pulling at My Heart: 7 Quick Takes and A Homeschool Mother’s Journal

— 1 — I’m reading … Wonder what caused me to cry big, fat, messy tears late at night while nursing the baby? This gem. Rachael’s personality sounds so very similar to my own that I cringed reading her story. I heard her speak at the 2:1 Conference and was reminded that my path in […]