Our Classical Christian Curriculum for Second Grade

Second Grade with Memoria Press - a classical homeschool curriculum, with special attention for struggling learners' needs.

As much as I love the Memoria Press classical Christian curriculum packages, there are times when you can’t work from one core. That’s where we are now with my boys. Currently, we’re dealing with an unofficial diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia for them. They struggle with reading and handwriting, but their oral comprehension is spot […]

Rethinking My Approach to a Classical Preschool at Home

Classical Preschool at Home doesn't have to be formal! Come see how we use the Memoria Press classical preschool in our busy home.

Back in the beginning of the school year, I busied myself with preparing for our classical preschool at home. I was delighted to get started with a formal program with Maeve. I collected all of the books we’d need, and started reviewing the lesson plans from Memoria Press. Memoria Press created a beautiful, classical preschool […]

Essential Supplies to Stock Your Classical Preschool

painting supplies for your classical preschool

Before you get started with using a classical approach to homeschooling your preschooler, you’re going to need some supplies. Start going through your cabinets, bookcases and drawers, take stock of what you have and make a list of items you still need to purchase. If you budget is tight, buy a few items at a […]

Using A Classical Homeschool Education with Multiple Ages

classical homeschool curriculum

We’re heading into our fifth year of homeschooling, using Memoria Press from the very beginning. Initially, I experimented with a few other things (All About Reading, Five in a Row), but have finally realized that Memoria Press has everything our family needs. When you take a look at Memoria Press’ core curriculum, it’s easy to […]