5 Days of Water Play for Kids: Frozen Sidewalk Chalk

making your own frozen sidewalk chalk

Ready for some artistic water play for kids today? We’re wrapping up our last idea for water play for children – don’t miss the previous posts for more fun. My kids love to play with sidewalk chalk, so when I saw this version from Reading Confetti, I knew they’d love to try frozen sidewalk chalk. […]

5 Days of Water Play for Kids: DIY Sponge Bombs

Make your own sponge bomb

Ready to keep your kids cool while they have fun this summer? Let’s kick off today’s water play for kids with a bomb. A sponge bomb, that is! Clear off your kitchen table and gather your supplies. In just a few minutes, you’ll have fantastic sponge bombs ready for the pool or playing in the […]

5 Days of Water Play for Kids: Bring out the Baby Pool

water play for babies and toddlers

Summer is here! Let’s keep cool with some water play for kids! Today kicks off a five day series of fun water play ideas for children. Don’t forget about the youngest members of your family when you’re thinking about water play. Babies and toddlers can enjoy water play just as much as their older siblings. […]

Encouraging Family Values with Movies and Television Shows

Encourage strong family values with these movies and television shows -- discuss honesty, courage, perserverance, forgiveness and more!

One of my most massive challenges as a parent is to pass on our family’s values and belief system. I spend time in formal lessons about our faith, but I’m also careful to model the behavior I want my children to emulate. If I want my children to be kind to others, I need to […]

Soccer Movies to Stream with Your Family

family friendly soccer movies on netflix

Now that we’ve escaped winter’s grasp, it’s time for warmer weather. With spring comes soccer season — hooray! While the rest of the world watches baseball, we’re all about cheering on our favorite MLS (Major League Soccer) teams. We’re dusting off our soccer cleats, putting air in our soccer balls, and setting up our goals […]

10 Reasons Why a Busy Mom Runs

6 months ago, if you would have told me that I was going to run … for fun, not for self protection, I would have thought you were nuts. Now, I have a few 5Ks under my belt, and gunning for more. What keeps me motivated? Why in the world does anyone run, much less […]

Playground Tips for Moms of Big Families

Playground Tips for Moms of Big Families #ValPakSaves

My kids have boundless energy, even the baby! They need plenty of opportunities to burn off steam, and love getting outdoors. Managing a trip to the park with them can be challenging — a little like herding kittens. Over the years, I’ve learned by trial and error, so I’m sharing some tips that work for […]