Gift Ideas for Preschool Boys

gift ideas for preschool boys

Preschool boys are so much fun, even when they’re being loud and boisterous. I’ve gathered my gift ideas for preschool boys – perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays and more! (These toys,games and books are best suited for boys ages 3-8, but your mileage may vary. My twins are six, and would welcome any of the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Handcrafted Catholic Gifts

Looking for the best Catholic gifts on Etsy? We collected Catholic gifts for the WHOLE family - moms, dads, kids, teens, and grandparents, all available on Etsy.

Are you ready for the most AMAZING guide to Catholic gifts? Each of these items are available on Etsy – handcrafted, unique, and designed to help you celebrate your Catholic faith. You’ll find handcrafted Catholic gifts here for all of your family — moms, dads and children. Over 100 Etsy shops are represented, from artisans […]

Teaching Our Kids Kindness

5 practical tips for teaching kids to be kind

Being a homeschooling mother means being responsible for the bulk of my children’s formal education. Reading with my wiggly boys and teaching my sanguine child math are all my responsibility. But what about their social development? How do we teach our children to be kind to others? 1. Catch Them Being Good I read somewhere […]

Super Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Super fun Halloween crafts for kids!

Are your kids getting geared up for Halloween? My children are SUPER excited, and have been begging me to bring out some Halloween crafts for kids. To make them happy, I’ve been searching for some new ideas. Take a look at some of the things on our to- do list! Super Fun Halloween Crafts for […]

Practical Gifts for a Homeschooling Mom

practical gifts for a homeschooling mother

As I get older, I prefer Christmas gifts that are more practical than frivolous. Take a look at my favorite ideas for practical gifts for a homeschooling mom! Kitchen Tools I’ve mentioned that I don’t cook a lot, but we still need kitchen tools. Brett and I recently decided that our family is getting big […]