Surviving Sick Days with Kids — Without Losing Your Sanity {Free Printable}

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Cold and flu season is here, which means that you may be facing some sick days with your kids. I KNOW they’re absolutely no fun, but I’ve got a few tips and tricks to make these days a little bit more manageable.

Create a Sick Kid Supply Kit

My house can be a little disorganized at times. It’s stressful enough to have one of your little ones sick, but it’s even worse when you can’t find the things you need.

To combat the disarray that is common in my home, I created a Sick Kid Supply Kit. It’s our one stop shop for supplies to manage our sick days with little ones.

It must be some sort of weird timing, but it always seems that my kids get sick the night before a big event or before I have to work. My husband is very capable with our kids, but I know he appreciates having the things that he needs to take care of a sick little one together in one place.

children's sick day kit 6 #fightfever

Getting Started on Your Own Sick Kid Supply Kit

First, grab a container that you’ll designate for your sick kit. I prefer to have one that is clear, so that I can see quickly at a glance what’s inside.

You’ll want one big enough to hold your supplies, but not so big that it’s hard to store easily somewhere. I love this one, which is a file box. It’s the perfect size for our essentials, and I can stick it in the top of the closet without difficulty.

children's sick day kit 3 #fightfever

Gather Your Supplies

What kind of things would you need in a children’s sick kit? That depends on what you use most often.

Here’s what’s in our Special Kit for Sick Days

Children’s Advil
Medication spoons and syringes
Baby Washclothes (so soft, and perfect for using as a cool wipe on hot little faces)
A special blanket (ours is muslin – lightweight and super soft)
Saline nose spray
Nasal Aspirator
A new cup
Lotion (perfect for rubbing the backs or feet of little ones)
Books, coloring pages, crayons and coloring pencils
Stickers and construction paper
Lip Balm
Electrolye Replacements/Hydration (we prefer Coconut Water, but you could use your favorite)

After checking my cabinets, I discovered that we were short on Children’s Advil. With cold and flu season approaching, I didn’t want to be left high and dry.

where to find children's advil at Walgreens #FightFever

I headed off to Walgreens to pick up a new bottle of Children’s AdvilĀ® to keep in our Sick Day Supply Kit. When we got there, I was suprised to see that there were new flavors and varieties available in the liquid medication. I saw Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. My kids chose Blue Raspberry, instead of opting for the Grape Chewables.

Don’t miss the dosing chart here, to make sure you’re treating your children’s fever safely and effectively.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, just put your kit together. It’s super simple, but will save so much time later.

children's sick day kit 5 #fightfever

Keep Your Sick Kid Supply Kit Stocked and Ready to Go

At the moment, there’s no one sick in my house — HOORAY! Instead of getting caught unprepared when illness strikes, I make sure that we have everything ready to fight fever and make little ones feel better.

I made a printable checklist for our Sick Kid Supply Kit. I laminated it, and stuck it inside the box, so that we know what should be inside. This way, we can periodically check to see what we need and take advantage of sales and coupons to pick up our sick day essentials.

children's sick day kit  #fightfever

Every family is different, so the checklist has two versions — the one you see in the picture, as well as a second version with some empty lines for you to fill in your favorites as well.

Once our Sick Kid Supply Kit is stocked, I keep in in the closet, so that my husband or myself can pull it out when we need it.

children's sick day kit #FightFever

Grab Your Sick Kid Supply Kit Printable List

Want an easy way to keep up with the supplies you need to make your little one’s sick days a little less stressful? I’d love to share this {FREE} Sick Kid Supply Kit printable with you.

I’d love to hear how you best use Children’s Advil on your children’s sick days.
Share your best tips in the comments – I’d love to know your ideas!

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  1. What a great idea! I know my kids get bored and restless so easily when they’re sick so to have fun, new toys and meds in the same box is perfect! And I had no idea about the new blue raspberry flavor. My girls love that flavor and I’m guessing giving them meds next time will be a lot easier after picking it up. #client

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