Teaching Medieval History through Literature in Your Homeschool with Beautiful Feet Books

Explore medieval history in your homeschool by using amazing literature. Teaching history doesn't have to be dull!

Don’t stress about teaching medieval history to your children. My kids devour history through literature, using amazing selections from Beautiful Feet Books. This year in our homeschool, my Rachel dove into the Middle Ages with gusto. She studied the famous men and women of the Middle Ages during classical studies, then devoured meaty tales such […]

Catholic Saints Books for June

Looking for the best Catholic saints books to add to your family routine? Take a look at these favorites.    June is the month dedicated to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can add these selections to your reading list. The Promises of the Sacred Heart Saint Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred […]

Catholic Saints Books for May

Catholic Saints books for the month of May

Looking for the best Catholic saints books to add to your family routine? Take a look at these favorites for May. Since May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, start off your Catholic book basket with these books about Our Lady.       &  The Kitchen Madonna The Search for the Madonna Saints […]

Homeschool Mom Confessions: Sometimes, We Just Skip School

Mommas, are you ready for a homeschool mom confession? Sometimes, homeschool families skip school. I’m not talking about a field trip, or a spring break, but a bona fide “School is simply not going to happen today.” You might be saying, “Hang on. You’re telling me that you made the decision to teach your child […]

Catholic Saints Books for April

Great books about Catholic saints for April

Spring is finally here! Are you ready to celebrate the feast days coming up in April? This list of books, arranged in calendar order, will help you to be prepared to live the liturgical year at home with your family. Don’t miss our list of Catholic books for Lent and Easter, too. Grab these selections […]