The Only Homeschool Typing Program You’ll EVER Need

Are you looking for a homeschool typing program for your child with dysgraphia? Typesy is the perfect solution!

Are you looking for a homeschool typing program? We finally found the perfect fit for our big family! This fall, my twin boys started classes at a local classical Cottage School. I have to be honest, I was a nervous wreck about their Composition class. Last spring, we learned that between the two of them, […]

Take Back Parental Control of YouTube with Safe Vision

Do you need help with parental control when your kids are viewing YouTube? Safe Vision is your answer to clean content. A few weeks ago, I heard my husband yell from the children’s bathroom. “I want to know who did this?! RIGHT NOW!” My husband is super laid back, so when he gets ramped up, […]

Why We Chose an Online Pre-Algebra Course for Our Middle Schooler

choosing an online pre-algebra course for your homeschooler

This year, we’re outsourcing math with an online pre-algebra course for our daughter. Is this the right decision for your family? We have some MAJOR math struggles in our house, y’all. It started about 6 years ago, when I was pregnant with Baby #5. I felt like death warmed over, and was juggling a second […]

Easy Ways to Celebrate Saint Joseph in Your Catholic Home

Looking for ways to celebrate Saint Joseph in your home? These ideas (books, crafts, recipes, activities and more) are perfect for Catholic families, co-ops, or religious education classes.

March is filled with amazing saints — including one of my favorites, Saint Joseph. We’ve gathered an array of ideas to help you celebrate Saint Joseph in your home — from crafts, learning activities, printables, food ideas, books and more. As a family, we keep it simple most months with a coloring page or book. […]

Saint Patrick Printables – Part of the Saints Unit Studies Series

Saint Patrick Printable

Since I married into an Irish Catholic family, Saint Patrick is high on our list of Catholic Saints. My children love hearing about Saint Patrick, and now that March has rolled around, we’ll be spending a lot of time learning about Ireland, its heritage, and the man who worked to bring Christ’s message to the […]