An Easy Peasy Approach to Homeschool Science with Multiple Ages

Homeschool moms, are you struggling with teaching homeschool science to multiple ages? These Homeschool Subscription kits from Insight to Learning are the perfect solution.

Since I’m a registered nurse in my day job, it would come as no surprise that I seriously love science. Well …. biological sciences, that is. I’m no chemistry major, that’s for sure. Pair a mom who loves anatomy and physiology with a dad who loves space technology and physics and what do you get? […]

Our Classical Christian Curriculum for Second Grade

Second Grade with Memoria Press - a classical homeschool curriculum, with special attention for struggling learners' needs.

As much as I love the Memoria Press classical Christian curriculum packages, there are times when you can’t work from one core. That’s where we are now with my boys. Currently, we’re dealing with an unofficial diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia for them. They struggle with reading and handwriting, but their oral comprehension is spot […]

Catholic Book Basket for September

Catholic Saints Books for September

Ready to celebrate the Holy Days and feast days coming up in September? What about learning more about the saints? This list of books, arranged in calendar order, will help you to be prepared to live the liturgical year at home with your family! September 1st – St. Giles Brother Wolf, Sister Sparrow September 1st […]

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Memoria Press Homeschool

Wondering how to organize your Memoria Press classical homeschool curriculum? Take a look at these ideas.

Do you need some ideas for organizing your Memoria Press classical homeschool curriculum? If you’ve got children in multiple cores, there’s a LOT of material to organize. These are some of the best tips and tricks that have worked in our family. This year, we have students in fifth grade, second grade/Simply Classical, and in […]

Salvete! How We Teach Latin in Our Homeschool

how we teach Latin in our homeschool

As we explored the different styles of homeschooling, we decided on a classical approach. One of the cornerstones of the classical curriculum is learning Latin. I’ve never taken a Latin class, so I was a bit worried about how I was going to teach a subject without any experience! How We Teach Latin in Our […]