An Easy Peasy Approach to Homeschool Science with Multiple Ages

Homeschool moms, are you struggling with teaching homeschool science to multiple ages? These Homeschool Subscription kits from Insight to Learning are the perfect solution.

Since I’m a registered nurse in my day job, it would come as no surprise that I seriously love science. Well …. biological sciences, that is. I’m no chemistry major, that’s for sure. Pair a mom who loves anatomy and physiology with a dad who loves space technology and physics and what do you get? […]

Using Animal Documentaries in Your Homeschool

With many small children in the house, homeschool science is hit or miss. We tend to do science in chunks, using our read aloud selections from Memoria Press as a starting point. Lately, we’ve been diving in to studying about more about animals. With this approach, it’s easy to tackle the different ages and stages […]

Studying Science in Your Homeschool with Netflix

homeschool science with Netflix

As a homeschooling mom of many, there are certain subjects that we tackle as a group. When we’re studying science in our homeschool, we have loads of resources available. Netflix makes exploring science concepts a snap for us. My kids LOVE science, and we’ve had loads of fun watching science documentaries and shows on our iPad […]

Teaching Homeschool Science with the Help of Netflix

The following post is brought to you by the Netflix Stream Team. As a homeschooling mother, science is a subject that is a little hard for me to tackle. It’s broad, and my little ones only have a limited attention span at this point. I try to do as much hands on science activities as […]