A Catholic Mom’s Guide to Preparing for Lent

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As a Catholic mother, Lent is really one of my very favorite times of the year. The Lenten season gives me hope, a chance to begin again, and to fashion my life into something that pleases God.

In years past, I’ve jumped off the deep end with my Lenten resolutions. I have a tendency to bite off far more than I can chew, and end up feeling like a failure by the second Sunday of Lent.

This season, I’m vowing to keep it simple. I want to make this Lent meaningful, to grow in holiness, and to encourage my vocation as a wife and mother.

Catholic Mom's Guide to Preparing for Lent

Take a look at these resources to help you prepare to make this Lenten season the best ever for you and your family.


As you think about what to give up, or little things to change during Lent, peruse these ideas.

I agree with this idea of not just giving something up, but adding something in during Lent. Can you go to Mass more often? Say the Rosary daily? Tackle some spiritual reading?

If you’re stumped for ideas about what to give up for Lent, Lifeteen has some creative, out of the box suggestions.


Susan has some fantastic ideas to make Lent a meaningful experience for the whole family. I especially love her ideas of a family service project.

The ladies at Catholic Sistas have some great suggestions and resources for Lent, from ideas for service and ways to build more prayer into your days.

Busted Halo breaks it down into simple thoughts – fast, pray, and give, reminding us to take concrete steps to do more.

Need a reminder of the rules of fasting and feasting? Start here for the rundown.

I love this illustrated guide, too. *Did you know that children aren’t required to fast or abstain?*


You’ll find resources here for each and every day of Lent!

I love these handy, helpful tips from Our Sunday Visitor — there’s even a printable guide to Holy Week.


Have friends and family with whom you’ve lost touch, or want to keep in your prayers? I LOVE this idea from Allison.

Don’t miss the Prayer/Fasting/Almsgiving Basket idea here. It’s a great way to make sure you cover the three themes of Lent as a family.

Lent is the perfect time for establishing a habit of attending Eucharistic Adoration. If you’re planning on attending with small children in tow, don’t miss these tips.

During the season of Lent, we fast from meat on Friday. Go ahead and file some of these meatless meals ideas away for your meal planning. Confused about fasting rules? Take a look at this easy Lenten eating guide

I want to hear from you, mommas! How do you plan to grow in faith during this Lenten season? Chat me up in the comment box!


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