Lenten thoughts …….

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Being Catholic, Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season are pretty big in my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve ceased to look at Lent as a major PITA (pain in the a…), and more as an opportunity to grow as a person. 

So, without further ado, let’s roll it out. The 2009 version of What Dianna is doing for Lent ….
1) Stop cursing. All right, for those of you who know me in real life, I guess I should have warned you that there was some major humor in this post. I have a potty mouth, and it’s time to tone it down, at least a bit. As my husband likes to remind me, it’s NOT very feminine. 
2) Go to Daily Mass, at least once a week. For those of you non-Catholics, believe it or not, we have the opportunity to go to Mass 7 days a week. I’m planning on going on Sundays, and another day during the week. 
3) Eucharistic Adoration …. at least once this Lenten season.
4) Stations of the Cross …. at least once this season.
My husband, bless his heart, is fasting. For real ….. no solid food from sun-up until sundown Mon-Fri. Should I be worried that he is out with Rachel now???
Seriously, I am so proud of him. 
Anyone else giving things up? I’d love to hear about it, to cheer you on, and to be inspired! 
My blogger friend Kim is giving up the Internet! WOW!! I might consider doing that next year. 

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