Mommy and Me: 5 Months Ago with Maeve

This photo brings tears to my eyes every single time I look at it. I think about that day and my amazing support system. My best friend Laura taking care of the big kids of the Kaboodle, my best friend Angie as an impromptu doula, and my husband being calm as a cucumber every step […]

Touching the Shark – Mommy and Me

Newport Aquarium

We took a trip to the Newport Aquarium recently — even with my husband along, keeping track of all of the Kaboodle was a lot of work!! This is me, Rachel and the boys. I’m trying my best to keep my sons from jumping in the shark tank. The docent (is that what you call […]

Mommy and Me: The Dairy Farm

Recently, we took a trip to Cheney’s Dairy Farm (because my sweet friend Erin is a better planner than myself!) I’m a slacker, and haven’t done a wrap up yet, but I wanted to share this beauty with you …..   Hand the camera to your husband, so you and your children will have pictures […]