Touching the Shark – Mommy and Me

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We took a trip to the Newport Aquarium recently — even with my husband along, keeping track of all of the Kaboodle was a lot of work!!

Newport Aquarium

This is me, Rachel and the boys. I’m trying my best to keep my sons from jumping in the shark tank. The docent (is that what you call them at the aquarium?), said, “Oh, it’s happened before. The sharks don’t bite, and he’d just end up wet.”

No way. I don’t want to be that mom.

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I’m also joining in with my pal Cheryl at Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday — because, seriously, these children bless me every single day.


  1. Colleen Kessler says

    So cute you are! Miss playing with sharks and penguins with your Kaboodle. XXOO

  2. I showed Michael the picture and he said he wouldn’t be as brave as his Godson at the shark tank 😉

  3. Cute! They do look like they want to just jump right in and play!

  4. Oh my goodness, how very very BRAVE!!!!! Love them!
    (and thank you so much for linking up!)

    Happy Halloween to you and yours!

  5. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says

    I seriously never even worried about my girls falling in. Not sure why…but now I’m a little worried for the next time! Glad they aren’t biters, though.

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