10 Books for Girls Who Love Horses

books for girls who love horses

As a homeschooling family, our schedule is pretty flexible. If one of our children shows an interest in a particular subject or sport, we’re able to spend time to explore it further. Right now, Rachel is obsessed with horses and horseback riding, along with books about horses. Last year, we bought a Groupon for riding […]

10 Ways I’m Not a Perfect Homeschooling Mother

The Imperfect Homeschool

Years before I made the decision to homeschool, I read homeschooling blogs. Ladies like Carisa and Jolanthe  delighted me with their creativity, organizational skills and pictures of their homeschool days. Watching these women from afar, I became jealous. “If they can do it, why can’t I?” “Are these women superheros?” Shortly before I headed to the 2:1 […]

Staples, Pneumonia and Derby Festival Time: iHN Homeschool Mother’s Journal, 7 Quick Takes Style

— 1 — In my life this week …. I’d like a do over, please. The little girls both ended up in the ER this past week. Laura called me Saturday night while I was at work. “Umm. I think I need to bring Rachel to you. She fell and bumped her head, and I […]