Why {and How} We Make Time for Music Lessons in Our Homeschool

With 5 children still at home, it’s no surprise to anyone that my days are BUSY. From riding lessons to soccer practice, my kids are eagerly involved in a myriad of activies. When I’m contemplating and planning my homeschool, fine arts is ALWAYS high on my list. You’ll see us attending shows at our fantastic […]

Ready to Throw in the Towel? Boosts for a Classically Homeschooling Mom

We’re approaching the end of September, and we’re barely finished with our first month of school. Already, there have been days where I’ve turned to my husband and whined, “This is so HARD!” What do you do on the tough days? Sometimes, you’ll find me hiding in the bathroom eating ice cream or drinking a […]

How We Use Fact Cards in our Homeschool

using fact cards in your homeschool - great way to learn, review facts and explore your children's passions

As a family who follows a classical model for our homeschool, my children are very familiar with flashcards. We use them for studying Latin and math facts, or reviewing the figures in our Greek Myths study. Before you say, “UGH! FLASH CARDS!”, have an open mind and take a look at how we use our […]

Wash the Farm: Fruits and Vegetables Sensory Play for Preschoolers

preschool sensory play with fruits and vegetables

My children love fruits and vegetables, especially if they’re fresh from the farm. Maeve enjoys playing in water, so I decided to combine some sensory play with a discussion of fruits and vegetables. Scrub the Fruits and Vegetables Sensory Play Materials Needed: Plastic Fruits and Vegetables (like for a play kitchen) Access to the kitchen […]

Paper Plate Apple Craft – Perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Paper Plate Apple Craft for Preschool and Toddlers #playfulpreschool

Summer in Kentucky is drawing to a close and we’re gearing up for fall around here. We’re planning a trip to an apple orchard for the first time this year, so we’re busy learning about apples and having fun with preschool apple crafts. To get ready for our trip, we planned a fun day of […]