Ready to Throw in the Towel? Boosts for a Classically Homeschooling Mom

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We’re approaching the end of September, and we’re barely finished with our first month of school. Already, there have been days where I’ve turned to my husband and whined, “This is so HARD!”

What do you do on the tough days? Sometimes, you’ll find me hiding in the bathroom eating ice cream or drinking a glass of wine. Other days, I send the kids out into the back yard while I read some wisdom from some of my fellow homeschooling mommas.

If you’re struggling in your homeschool or need a little pick-me-up, take a look at these must read articles.

Don't miss these articles for the struggling homeschool mom

The 10 Best Things You’re NOT Doing in Your Homeschool

What? Another reminder of all the ways I’m failing my homeschool? If this is what you’re thinking, take a deep breath. My sweet pal Pam lays it all out for us, and challenges us to take a look at the really important things in our homeschool — the practices that will stay with our children, change their characters and pay dividends for life.

The bonus? These things are EASY to implement and enjoyable for moms, too. Trust me on this one.

classical homeschool curriculum

Using a Classical Curriculum with Multiple Ages

This year, I’m having a hard time managing the various levels of my children. It’s time for me to pull this article back out and take a look at how to implement our classical homeschool with lots of different ages and stages.

Simplify the Homeschool Schedule

Ever taken a look at the homeschool year ahead and wondered ‘How in the WORLD am I going to get all of this accomplished?’

Me too, momma. Me too.

This excerpt from Sarah’s fantastic homeschooling book Teaching From Rest is a breath of fresh air. It’s a beautiful reminder of the Grand Plan — and where our focus should be in our lives.

homeschooling while working outside the home

Homeschooling and Working Outside the Home? Yes, You Can!

I recently made the switch back to working weekends only, leaving Mondays through Fridays open to homeschool and run the house. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed as of late, so it’s time to pull out this post and take a look at some of my own advice.

Self Care for the Highly Sensitive Parent

As I’ve gotten older (and had more children), it seems like noise and hubbub can make me come unglued. After reading this article from my friend Anne, everything made a lot more sense. If you’re a momma of a big family, star this one to read soon.

keeping your toddler busy while homeschooling pin
Keeping the Little Ones Busy

One of the most challenging aspects of my day is keeping Maeve and Daniel engaged, yet not destroying the house. (ever fished an entire roll of toilet paper out of the commode? Not the way I like to start my homeschool day, thankyouverymuch.)

Here are some of our best ideas to occupy your littles while you finish up with the big kids, or so that you can use the bathroom in peace.

Why You Want to Give Up Homeschooling

If you’ve NEVER thought to yourself, “I don’t want to homeschool anymore!”, then you’re a far better momma than I am. Homeschooling is a refining fire for my fiesty character.

Mystie reminds us in this article why it’s ESSENTIAL to know why you’re homeschooling — these ideals will keep you going on the hard days.

homeschool socialization
Juggling Homeschooling with a Newborn

Maybe I’m the only crazy one here, but I don’t think that having a newborn in the house is THAT difficult to manage when you’re homeschooling. For us, we would just read while the baby nursed, keep the baby in the room with us on a Boppy …. you get the picture. I have more trouble once the babies become mobile.

If you’re expecting a new baby soon, these tips may be helpful for you.

If you’re having a hard time with homeschooling, please know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there – some of us more ofen than others. I’m joining up with my friends today at the iHomeschool Network to link arms and help homeschooling mothers everywhere make it through the tough times.


  1. ElizabethClare says:

    I have had several hard days in the last month as well. Amazingly, I haven’t ever wanted to give up homeschooling, but I certainly would LOVE to step away from it (and my children) for awhile! I think that is what is hard about this time of year, we’ve lost the initial excitement of a new year and the weight of what needs to be done has gotten heavier! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!

    • Dianna Kennedy says:

      Oh, Elizabeth. 😉 I am an impatient soul, and my own worst critic. Homeschooling is a refining fire for my impestuous spirit. My husband remindsme that I AM doing a great job, if I’d only relax and lean into this vocation, instead of acting like a salmon swimming upstream.

      I appreciate you stopping by — I’m looking forward to connecting more!

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