Favorite Board Books – Perfect for Babies and Toddlers : 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

favorite board books for babies and toddlers

Board books are a perfect way to introduce babies and toddlers to the world of reading. They are virtually indestructible and are great to throw in the car or diaper bag for taking on the road. I don’t have to worry about Maeve ripping the pages, since they are made of thick sturdy cardboard. Our […]

Tips for Reading with Babies and Toddlers: 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

tips for reading with babies

Have you ever tried reading with babies or toddlers? It can be a little like herding kittens. As the mother of many, I’m going to share some of my best tips, learned over the span of 18 years. Board Books are Your Friend When your child is small, don’t bring out your treasured copy of […]

Catholic Saints Books for Kids : 30 Days of Reading with My Kids

catholic saints books for kids

After creating my list of Catholic saints that I wanted us to study in our homeschool this year, I took a look at the resources we had available. In our home library, we have lots of books of Catholic saints, both for adults and children. I’ll share some of my favorites, as well as ones […]

Using the Library with Little Ones

storytime at the library

We visit the library frequently with our children, and I love to see how much they’re learning there. They know the librarians by name, and have quickly figured out where things are. They’ve learned the shelves that contain chapter books and picture books, board books for Maeve and where the audiobook section is located. While […]