How to Run Your First Half Marathon {Even with Lots of Little Children at Home}

Want to run a half marathon? Don't miss these tips for first time runners!

Are you thinking about running a half marathon? This time of year, we see people running in the parks, on busy roads, or even in your neighborhood. Beginner and seasoned runners are dusting off their shoes and logging some miles for the spring races. Today, I’ll share my beginner best tips – hopefully, you can […]

Tools to Help You Get Fit

best tools for getting fit

Now that you’ve made the commitment to work on your fitness, how do you keep track of your activity, progress and goals? You’ll find fitness devices, websites, apps and more out there. More of a pen and paper girl? No worries! We’ll chat about ways you can chart your plans and successes. On Thursday, as […]

Setting Fitness Goals and Staying Accountable – part of the Summer Wellness Series from iHomeschool Network

setting fitness goals

When I’m exercising, I need a plan. I love having actionable tasks like ‘arm exercises’ or ‘run three miles today’ to cross off of my list. I’ve even been known to compete with friends of mine to keep myself motivated. Fitness goals need to be high enough to challenge you, but not unattainable. Plus, how […]