Easy Beef Dishes to Take to New Moms

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Looking for something meaty? These easy beef dishes to take to new moms are great for boosting iron levels and providing a hearty meal.

easy beef dishes to take to new moms

Even my friends who usually stick to a vegetarian diet have admitted to changing their meal plan temporarily during pregnancy and childbirth. Don’t forget to check with the family first for their preferences!

easy beef stroganoff

Quick Beef Stroganoff

Quick Beef Stroganoff is a delicious choice! You can completely prep it for delivery, or leave the noodles uncooked for a freezer friendly option.

 easy beef dishes to take to new moms - beef pumpkin stew

Beef Pumpkin Stew

Beef Pumpkin Stew is a warm way to sneak extra vegetables into everyone’s diet! Nursing mothers need great nutrition to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding. Give this recipe a try!


Easy Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of my favorite freezer meals. It’s so easy to make several at a time, giving you extra for your family, or for gifting to others. Freezing in Ziploc bags takes up far less room in the freezer and cuts down on the chances of freezer burn.

taco ring with kids

Taco Ring

You can get the little ones involved in making this kid friendly family favorite. The Taco Ring is perfect for Mexican night! You could prep the meat and vegetables ahead and freeze, just thawing out and adding the crescent rolls when you’re ready to eat.

easy beef stew to take to new moms

Beef Vegetable Soup

Beef Vegetable Soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and is perfect for simmering in the slow cooker all day! Don’t forget the rolls – like this quick Rice Bread recipe!

Be sure and stock up on the things you’ll need for meal preparation.


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