Glory Stories for the Cultivation of Virtue

Glory Stories - audio stories about Catholic saints

  My husband and I have a lofty endeavor to make saints of our children. Obviously, we can’t do that without a mighty helping of God’s mercy and grace, but we do like to collect resources that we pray will lead our children in the right direction. I like to think that God leads me […]

Praying the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office)

Prayer became a trendy, Internet “thing” a few years back. It seemed like every Catholic blogger I read at the time was singing the praises of praying the Liturgy of the Hours, otherwise known as the Divine Office. Yeah, the fact that it has two names may hint to where I am going with this […]

Using Movies in Your Catholic Homeschool

Looking for some great Catholic movies for your homeschool? Take a look at what we're watching. Our family loves these -- especially Number 5!

  As much as I love reading to my kids, there are times when my voice is shot or we need something different. We’ve been experimenting with using movies in our homeschool — take a look at some of the Catholic movies that we’re watching. These help us to learn more about our Catholic saints […]

A Catholic Pinterest for All Seasons

Pinterest and the Liturgical Year

  I love a good liturgical celebration. From a sacramental shindig to a holy day hoedown, I’ve learned there ain’t no party like a Catholic party. And our Church has given us so many days to celebrate! But how to keep track of all the recipes, crafts, devotions and the like? I hate to admit […]

Saint Mail: How the Entire Family Meets Catholic Saints

Saint Mail - Learn about Catholic Saints

If you’re Catholic, you’ve heard the term Communion of Saints. The Communion of Saints is the body of believers who have lived before us and are in Heaven, as well as all believers living now. The Communion of Saints is the Church and the unity of believers. In other words, it’s our faith family, full […]

10 Adoption Books for Catholic Moms

  The journey to become a mom doesn’t always look the same for everyone. For some of us, our bundle of joy arrives from a different state, a different country, and perhaps a bit older than most children. Adoption is a beautiful gift from God, but it isn’t always rainbows and roses. (click to tweet) […]

Podcasts: The Perfect Solution for Busy Catholic Moms

podcasts for Catholic moms

If I told you I was excited to fold the giant mound of laundry on my couch or hop on my treadmill for a couple of miles, would you believe me? What if I said that I was counting down the hours till I got to declutter the pantry closet? Well, it’s true. Let me […]