Ten Easy Meals for New Moms

Want to really bless a new mom that you know? Take her a meal so that she won't have to cook. Don't miss these simple but delicious ideas.

Diapers are great as baby gifts, but what if you want to do a bit more for a friend? Have you ever taken food as a present? I’m sharing some of my favorite easy meals to take to new moms. These dishes are great to take not only to new moms, but to anyone who’sĀ recuperatingĀ from […]

Catholic Family Fun Book Review and Book Tour

  A spirit of service to others is an integral part of our Catholic lives. As a busy mother of a large family, I often struggle with the call to do MORE for others, when I’m barely keeping my head above water at home. The solution? Involve my family, and create a Catholic culture of […]