How to Host a Baptism Reception Perfect for Your Family

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Preparing to have your child Baptized? Congratulations! I’m sure you’re planning a Baptism party, too. Don’t stress. Grab a pen and paper, and jot down these easy tips on how to host a baptism reception

For a day that is meaningful for you and your guests, remember that the purpose of the reception is to get your family and friends together to celebrate your newly baptized child. Make the party as simple or elaborate as you prefer.

baptism reception party ideas

Tips for Hosting a Baptism Reception

1) Choose Your Venue and Feel of the Reception

Is this Baptism celebration going to be at your home or in a rented venue? Will you have a formal meal or casual potluck? Deciding on the scope of the party is often dictated by family traditions and personal preferences.

There is no single right way to host a baptism reception.

The important thing is the guest of honor is celebrated and that everyone feels welcome.

2) Make Out Your Guest List

Decide who will be invited to the party. The number of guests will often help you decide on the venue and menu for the party as you will need these numbers to ensure you have enough food and space for everyone.

Close family and friends are usually on the guest list for baptisms or christenings but depending on the family size and traditions,it can be a large group—even similar to a wedding reception size in some cases.

planning a baptism reception

It is always a nice gesture to invite the officiating clergy to the reception. He or she may not accept the invitation but the gesture will be appreciated nonetheless.

3) Plan as Much as You Can Ahead of Time

You don’t want to be scrambling around trying to find the napkins or preparing the meal or adding finishing touches to the cake. The more you have set up ahead of time,the more you will be able to actually enjoy the reception and the company of your guests.

baptism party ideas

4) Enlist the Help of Others

You may be used to doing everything yourself but trust me, as a mother who has been through this, I know you cannot do everything.

The day of the baptism will be busy and,at times,chaotic. The more help you have,the better.

Depending on your budget it may help to hire a caterer or have the meal at a restaurant. (That’s my personal favorite!)

If your budget is tight, you could even prepare a meal ahead of time.

Sandwiches and salads are easy to pull out of the fridge, or if you would like to serve a hot meal—make it lasagna or a casserole which can be cooked while you are at church.

Enlist the help of neighbors or friends to pop your dish into the oven so you can return to a home cooked, hot lunch.

5) Beverages are Important

Not only will everyone be hungry when they return from the baptism, they will also be thirsty. Stock your fridge with a variety of drinks.

If you know your guests prefer a certain beverage, ensure you have it on the party menu.

Depending on the formality of your event, you could even have beverages in a cooler or on ice in a pretty container so guests can help themselves to a drink.

6) Activities for the Kids

After you eat, the children will want something to do. Have some crafts or puzzles on hand to provide easy entertainment for the little guests. It will help their parents relax and have a good time too.

Need some ideas? Take a look at this list of activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

7) Don’t Forget the Cake

If you are crafty, you can make the cake yourself. There are plenty of inspiring ideas on Pinterest.

If you don’t have time, find a good baker and provide pictures to ensure you both have the same vision.

8) Choose a Reception Theme

It is important to decide on the theme so you can purchase color coordinating plates, napkins, etc. The party supply stores don’t always have a huge selection when it comes to baptismal party supplies.

It may be a good idea to search for items for purchase online or free printables could work too, depending on your overall color scheme.

baptism party supplies

Gold or silver is a great color choice – Birthday Express has a rainbow of colors, in solids, polka dots,stripes and even chevron.

party favors

9) Party Favors

It is a nice idea to provide your guests with a little take away favor to remember the day. Food is always appreciated, especially treats. Chocolates,gumballs or cookies are a nice way to say thank you without spending a lot of money.

baptism party ideas

Overall, have fun and enjoy celebrating with your family and friends. The more organized you are, the more time you will have to visit and catch up with your loved ones. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too!


  1. A baby’s baptism is not only important for the soul of the baby, but also to friends and family that surrounds this new born infant. After finding the perfect baby baptism dress or outfit, I think finding a photographer is next on the plan for organizing this event. It should be remembered forever, so photos are necessary. I think enlisting in the help of friends and family will help everything run smoothly. All of these ideas are creative and helpful for those who are trying to plan a reception for this special day.

  2. Great tips. In addition to making out your guest list, you will want to send invitations. They don’t have to be expensive either and still be very pretty and professional looking. My Etsy shop and others have some beautiful designs.

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