36 weeks, 5 days ….

Ok, so I can’t even believe how big this belly is getting!! Amazingly enough, the only things that are hurting are my back (DUH), and my rump!

more belly pics

These were taken the same day of the shower … so 34 weeks. The one of Rachel and myself is my FAVORITE!!

New belly shots!

These are 32 weeks, and 2 days. I think I am FINALLY going to get a back/belly support belt!! Look how crazy crooked my belly is …. my belly button is off center!!

Getting bigger all the time ……..

These pics are from 28w, 3 days …. and a big difference from the previous ones, I think!! I’m starting to look really tired … maybe it was a long day!!

Keeps getting bigger!!

this is 25 weeks, 1 day ….