Teaching Alegbra in Your Homeschool with DragonBox Algebra 5+ App

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teaching algebra in your homeschool with dragonbox learning apps

Teaching math in our homeschool hasn’t been too difficult yet. Our classical homeschool curriculum uses a very basic approach, with lots of repitition for mastery of facts. This system has worked well for us, but I’m a little nervous about teaching more complex math, like algebra.

Did I hear all the homeschooling mommas groan?

Don’t sweat it. I’ve got an idea for you.

What about learning alegebra through games?

learning algebra in homeschool

Learning Mathematics Through Games

I received the DragonBox Algebra 5+ app for free and was compensated for my time. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

Rachel and the boys are big Pokemon fans, so the monsters and cards used in the DragonBox Algebra 5+ app really caught their eye.

learning algebra in your homeschool with apps

After a period of time, when they’re used to isolating The Box, the cards are slowly replaced with numbers and variables, looking more like the algebraic equations we were used to in school.

{Where in the world was this when I was learning Algebra?}

Many days in our homeschool, you’ll find us taking a game-based approach to lessons. While Rachel and I are working on reveiwing Latin, the boys will play chess or dice games for math.

This type of learning works so well for our family.

Using DragonBox Algebra 5+ App in Your Homeschool

Rachel is able to play the DragonBox Algebra 5+ on her own, without my supervision. Later, I’ll help her transfer the skills she’s learned into pen and paper equations. It’s been a great way for me to brush up on my math skills and prepare to teach higher levels of math in our homeschool.

algebra apps for homeschooling
With 10 progressive chapters and 200 puzzles, this will keep your child engrossed in math practice for a long time! Rachel is learning how to solve equations involving addition and subtraction now, and as we get further into third grade math, we will begin exploring equations with multiplication and division.

There’s the option for multiple profiles — you can create an account for yourself and see how much you remember from school! {I’ll admit, there are areas where I’m getting stuck! Be sure and read the directions instead of jumping right in!}

An added bonus — this is not just for English speaking families! DragonBox Algebra 5+ app is available in over 20 languages.

Kids as young as five can work through DragonBox Algebra 5+ to explore important algebra concepts. (like isolating a variable) My twin boys sneak and play the app, too, even though they’re only finishing up kindergarten math.

learning algebra concepts in homeschool
This app is perfect for moms who need a refresher course before tackling higher level math, or for kids who need extra practice.

Are you comfortable teaching Algebra to your children, but need help with other concepts? DragonBox also has Geometry and Advanced Algebra programs, too! As Rachel gets further into higher level math, I’ll be checking these out.

Algebra Apps for Homeschooling

Find all of the DragonBox Apps on iOS and Android:

DragonBox Algebra 5+ $2.99
iOS /Android

DragonBox Algebra 12+ $4.99

DragonBox Elements (Geometry) $4.99

dragonbox algebra app

Enter the DragonBox Mathematics App Giveaway

DragonBox App is generously sponsoring a giveaway of their web-based versions of their Algebra and Geometry apps. You can get in on the learning fun even if you don’t have a tablet or mobile device! Hooray!

Stay in touch with the folks at DragonBox over on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

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