Irish Frosties – The Perfect Treat for Your St Patrick’s Day Party

Irish Frosties are the perfect dessert for your Saint Patrick's Day party!

Now that we’ve wrapped up Valentine’s Day, my children are anxious to celebrate AGAIN. They’re longing for a St Patrick’s Day Party! As an Irish Catholic family, Saint Patrick has always been highly revered in our home. A few years ago, we even scored an Irish blessing — welcoming our sweet baby Daniel Patrick on […]

Easy Rice Krispie Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin treats made from rice cereal -- super simple and perfect for fall get togethers

Around here, even though it can make a colossal mess, we LOVE to get our kids in the kitchen. They generally don’t need much encouragement, even from a small age. They love to crack eggs, run Lizzie (our KitchenAid mixer), taste the batters and more. Around special occasions, my kids LOVE to help make some […]

Rolo Peanut Butter Cookies – Perfect for the Big Game

    In our house, a Big Game party is all about the food! We enjoy time with family and friends, sharing our favorite beef recipes, chicken ideas and best of all …. DESSERTS! If you’re looking for the perfect cookie to munch on during your Big Game party, get ready.┬áThese Rolo Peanut Butter Cookies […]