Using Electives in Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Looking for electives in your homeschool curriculum? These online options from Homeschool Buyers Co-op are a great choice for all ages.

We have our homeschool curriculum set for the year, but we are still working out our plans for electives.

With three full time students, one part time student, and one preschooler, I’m being pulled in a million different directions. Electives aren’t high on MY priority list, but my children see them as the highlight of their day.

Part of the trouble with electives for me is fitting in TIME. Much like field trips, juggling the schedule for 8 people can be hairy.

A potential solution? Online Electives.

Online electives can be a great solution for tech-savvy families with multiple children who want to explore different passions. Your children can study music, art, typing, health and fitness, driver’s education and more.

Let’s take a look at some elective ideas for your family.

I was compensated for my time researching Homeschool Buyers Co-op and letting you know about the selections you can research there for your family.

Financial Literacy in Your Homeschool Curriculum


Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance Curriculum for Kids and Teens

Want to teach your children financial literacy? The Dave Ramsey Personal Finance Curriculum covers ages 3-12.

Typing PalTouch Type and SpellType to Learn


Typing Lessons in Your Homeschooling Curriculum

Anxious for your children to learn keyboarding? I found three typing programs for you to peruse:

Touch-Type Read and Spell
Typing Pal Online
Type to Learn

Art Lessons for Your Homeschool Curriculum


Art and Music Electives for Your Homeschool Curriculum

My children LOVE art and music, but I don’t always love to teach it. #truestory

With these selections, art and music can be an independent study. Take a look at these:
Mark Kistler Draw3D
HomeSchool Piano
Simply Music

Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers


Music Lessons for Homeschoolers


Adding Driver’s Ed to Your Homeschool Curriculum

Driver's Ed for Homeschool Students


Stressed about teaching your homeschooler how to drive? Mark this one down for later — Homeschool Driver’s Ed(and all the mommas say AMEN!)

More Elective Ideas for Your Homeschool Curriculum

physical education in your homeschool curriculum


Want to get active as a family? Take a look at Family Time Fitness.

Anatomy Elective for Homeschoolers


Are your kids crazy about the human body? Human Body Detectives is a great science elective, and even has a middle school and high school alternative.

Discovery Education Streaming Videos


Discovery Education Streaming Plus
My children already have Discovery Education Health bookmarked as a choice for their homeschool this fall. They LOVE to explore science topics here.

Signing Online


Signing Online
Add sign language into your homeschool day with Signing Online.

Have you used any online electives in your homeschool? I’d love to hear more about your choices in the comment box.

Need electives for your homeschool curriculum? These options from Homeschool Buyers co-op are affordable and ONLINE for added convenience.

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