Conversations with Women

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What’s my favorite resource that helps me live my faith?

Hands down, it’s Conversation with Women.


Sometimes I want to talk to like-minded Catholic women about my struggles or the things that are important to me. For me, finding those ladies isn’t easy.

I could call a friend, but there are times when the issues are just too awkward or personal. That’s when I head over to Conversation with Women.

At Conversation with Women, each story is written by a different woman and submitted anonymously. The women share their stories and support each other in matters of sexuality, marriage, society, and living the Catholic faith. These women accept our Church’s teachings, and share how they live it. Despite their struggles (some more than others),they have all have ultimately found Joy!

The stories spark interaction in the comments and hopefully provide kindling for many off-line conversations as well.


CWW doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, tackling pornography use, difficult marriages and healing after an abortion. The conversation in the comment box is often as inspiring as the posts themselves. Take a look:

“Thank you for being brave enough to tell your story”
from Porn almost destroyed my marriage.

“I am right there with you. I too am long-suffering lately in a rough patch plaguing our pretty wonderful marriage,” from My Difficult Marriage, and How it is Actually Pretty Wonderful .

“Oh my. Thank you for this post. I share just about EVERY detail of your story…I thank God for good, compassionate priests, for the beauty of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and for brave women like you who let the rest of us know we are not alone. You have just given me a little more courage to take that next step, God Bless You!” from Healing after an Abortion

I find encouragement and support in these stories, and I think you will too.

I find examples of women I’d like to emulate and mistakes I want to avoid.

Although I may be the lone Catholic woman on my street, Conversation with Women reassures me that I am not alone!

Have you checked out Conversations with Women? Did you find a story there that was helpful?

conversations with womenEmily has been married for 27 years and is the mother of 3 children and 2 intercessors in heaven, her babies lost to miscarriage. After 30-some years as an uneducated lukewarm Catholic, she moved to the Arlington Diocese and was exposed to the truth and riches of the Catholic faith. Though it was initially jarring, she is very grateful for that exposure. She has joyfully embraced the struggle and generally you will find her trying to bring the faith, with its incumbent joys and struggles, to anyone who will listen (including the dog).
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  1. I’ll have to check this out! Sounds very helpful.

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