Christmas Wreath Craft for Children

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We’ve been having so much fun around here making Christmas crafts! I love making this sweet Christmas wreath craft with my kids, since we can put them on our tree, give them to grandparents as gifts or even put them on packages for decoration!

After we cleaned up from our Christmas Wreath Cupcakes, my kids wanted to make some ornaments. This idea is quick and fun, even for a craft challenged momma like me.

Ready to fight cabin fever? This Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids is quick and easy - but lots of fun. Perfect for decorating your tree or using as a pretty gift tag.

Easy Christmas Wreath Ornaments

christmas wreath craft supplies

Supplies You’ll Need for this Christmas Wreath Craft

Green pony beads
Red pom poms
Glue gun
White Ribbon

Clear a space on the table to work, and get out your green beads. (If you’ve got little ones who can’t be trusted, set them up with a toddler friendly activity)

christmas wreath craft

First, make a circle with green beads. Working with the glue gun, gently squeeze a small dot of glue and begin attaching the beads together. Older children can do this on their own, but you’ll have to teach them how to be careful with the glue gun! (It’s easy to get burned!)

Once you’ve made your circle, it’s time to decorate it with your ribbon. We used white, but I’ll bet silver, gold or red would be pretty as well.

weaving ribbon

Weave your ribbon in and out of the pony beads. This is great for little ones to work on their fine motor skills! We were even able to let Maeve help, once she got the hang of it.

wreath craft

When you’ve worked your way all around the wreath, make a knot and a small loop. (this will help you hang your wreath on the tree or gift).

finished wreath craft

Finally, glue your red pompom on top to finish your wreath!

Don’t miss our Advent crafts for kids as well as our other ideas for Christmas crafts. You’ve still got plenty of time to celebrate this wonderful season. Have fun and make some memories with your children!


  1. Such a cute idea! I’ll have to try this with my little ones these Christmas holidays.

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