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I love a good liturgical celebration.

From a sacramental shindig to a holy day hoedown, I’ve learned there ain’t no party like a Catholic party. And our Church has given us so many days to celebrate!

But how to keep track of all the recipes, crafts, devotions and the like?

I hate to admit how many time I’ve missed a feast day. I’d forget that I had a great idea tucked away in one of the many books on my shelf or saved in a bookmarked folder on my desktop.

I eventually wised up and started a liturgical year binder, and it contains all our tried and true novenas, stories and songs. But as my children and family have grown, I’m continually on the look out for new ideas.

I needed a way to keep track of liturgical crafts, readings, prayers and the like, without bursting my binder.

Enter Pinterest.

I love Pinterest, and not just for all the funny memes everyone shares. I’ve not found a better way to save ideas and potential projects without taking up valuable space in my house. And if something doesn’t work? A couple of clicks and it’s gone.

Pinterest and the Liturgical Year

I started on Pinterest with just one Catholic or “Papist Pins” board. As that filled up, I decided to break the pins into different Liturgical Seasons for easier reference; Advent, Christmas & Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time.

I wound up keeping my original board for prayers, saints and other miscellaneous items.

If you teach CCD or homeschool, you can save pins related to your religion lessons.

Now, as a season approaches, I can scan the relevant board and see if there’s any new activities I want to add. If I want a few more ideas, it’s easy to view similar pins and boards at the bottom of the page.

Pinterest related content

Looking for something specific? Searching for ideas on Pinterest is easier than a Google search.

I also make sure to search just ‘Boards’ so I can find like minded Pinners who’ve already saved some of the best items themselves. I follow those folks and then sit back and let them send the goodies my way, just ripe for the pinning!

Pinterest search features
I’ve also found it helpful to install the Pinterest web clipper on my browser. That way as I’m reading a post someone recommended or stumble across a recipe that sound perfect I can hit the icon at the top of my browser window and save the page quickly to the correct board. I never lose a good idea!

pinterest browser extension

When you go to pin something, the drop down menu will give you the option to download the extension.
Now, observing the liturgical year has never been easier!

Create some boards, start searching and celebrate!

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