Waking Up Catholic – The Perfect Book for a Catholic Convert

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As a recent convert to the Catholic faith, I’m excited to be able to share part of my story with you. I’ve been able to learn so much by reading Catholic blogs – I’m honored to be able to give back and help others contemplating the journey to Catholicism.

I have read SO MANY books on Catholicism, but choosing my very favorite was easy.

waking up catholic

Waking Up Catholic by Chad Torgerson was the very first book I read when I decided to learn about Catholicism.

I don’t think that was a coincidence.

When I started looking into the faith ,rumors and false teaching about the Catholic Church cluttered my path. Somehow, in spite of all that, I continued to be drawn to learn more.

At the beginning I had tons of questions about the things I had heard over the years:
Why do Catholics worship Mary? (We don’t.)
Why do they have to confess to a priest? and why do they call him Father?
They believe that bread and wine does WHAT?!
Why did they add books to their Bible? (We didn’t)

Catholic bible

To say that I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start would be a huge understatement. So I turned to Google and searched for books on learning the Catholic faith. I saw Waking Up Catholic, read a little of the description and bought it without another thought.

In those pages, I found answers. Well thought out answers that were written in a way that I could easily understand.

This is not a book on theology, but you’ll pick up a little along the way.

This book explains the faith from the beginning and intelligently tells the truth about popular myths about Catholicism, all while Chad tells his own conversion story.

If you want to learn about the faith, are a recent convert, or a cradle Catholic that just wants to rekindle their faith, this book is for you. This book is for all Catholics, and will inspire you to delve even deeper into your faith.

Catholic Bible

Need another easy resource?

Our parish priest puts out a wonderful newsletter every week on matters of Faith filled with the current news, information on living your faith, and a good dose of humor. To start receiving the weekly email send a quick note to [email protected] and put yourself on the list!

Are you a convert to the Catholic faith? I’d love to hear some of your favorite resources in the comments!

hollyvaughanHolly Vaughan is a wife, mother of boys, photographer, and a recent convert to the Catholic faith. She’s also an avid reader – even if she can only sneak in pages in five minute increments. 🙂


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