10 Super Simple Ways to Support the Pro-Life Movement

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As we approach Respect Life Month, I’m reminded of my role to support the pro-life movement, to protect and value the sanctity of life, from natural conception to natural death.

While I’m burning the candle at both ends with my brood, I often think, “There’s nothing I can do!”

Taking a closer look, there are many steps I can take every day to defend human life.

Want to support the prolife movement, but aren't sure how? Take a look at these ideas, perfect for busy moms.

Baby Steps to Supporting the Pro-Life Movement

Be Open to Life at Home

When I look around my house, I have to laugh. As the mother of many small ones, I’m a walking witness to being open to life.

God has worked on me over the years, softening my heart and gently pulling me toward the path He intended for me.

Yes, having all of these children at home is a challenge. Yes, I’m giving up STUFF, but the dividends can’t be measured.

Practice being a joyful mother, showing the world how thankful you are for your children.

Adoration FB

Become a Prayer Warrior

Before Daniel was born, I went to Adoration weekly to serve our parish. After my hour was finished, I would sit and listen to our parish’s pro-life support team.

Each week, a group of men and women come in and pray in front of The Blessed Sacrament. They offered up prayers for women in a crisis pregnancy, endangered infants in the womb, abortion clinic workers and legislators. I’m amazed at their commitment.

Stop by Priests for Life and choose a pro-life prayer that works for you. Consider spending time in Adoration, praying for the unborn. If you can’t get to Adoration, set aside moments in your daily to pray.

Set Aside Money in Your Budget

Pregnancy crisis centers are privately funded and always need supplies. Most will have needs lists posted, or you can make a quick phone call to find out what you can bring.

As a challenge, fast from weekly Starbucks stops. Take that money and donate cash or supplies to the center. Don’t have time to drive to the center? Hop on Amazon and order diapers, wipes or other baby supplies to be delivered.

I’ve made a small goal of giving $25 per month to pregnancy crisis centers in our area. Every little bit helps.

Support Women Who Regret Their Abortion

I’ve been guilty of being very judgmental in the past and spoken poorly of women who have had an abortion.

These women who have made the mistake of abortion desperately need our love, support and forgiveness.

Organizations like Rachel’s Vineyard, Project Rachel and more are designed to support women and men as they struggle with the aftermath of choosing abortion. Encourage women you know to reach out to these organizations and seek the healing grace offered in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Support Men in their Roles as Fathers

Men are ridiculed and vilified in today’s media, often the subject of jokes in sitcoms,commercials, movies and television. We must support our men in their vital roles as fathers and encourage them to grow in their faith.

Need resources?

Check out Knights of Columbus, Catholic Gentleman, The Maccabee Society, or the National Fellowship of Catholic Men.

Take to the Streets

On Mother’s Day Weekend a few years ago, I swallowed my fears and headed down to the abortion clinic with my young daughter in tow. We participated in a peaceful prayer vigil, lining the sidewalks leading to the clinic. We prayed and sang for tiny babies in the womb, women considering abortion, and for the conversion of clinic workers and doctors.

Check with your parish’s Respect Life or social justice committees for prayer vigils in your area. Helpers of God’s Precious Infants have prayer vigils and pro-life Masses on a regular basis. 40 Days for Life has locations all over the world.

Encourage our Pro Life Youth

While I knelt in prayer during that prayer vigil, I was amazed at all the teenagers and young adults I saw. They are tomorrow’s pro-life warriors. Don’t miss the resources at Catholic Youth Ministry.

Respect Your Elders and the Disabled

The pro-life cause isn’t just about the unborn. The pro life movement also provides support to the elderly and disabled.

Take your family to visit the elderly in the nursing home. Help out with Special Olympics in your area. Show the world we live in that the elderly and disabled are valued and cherished.

Know the Law

Become informed of the various abortion laws in your state and get in touch with your representatives. When a pro-life bill comes up for discussion, call, email or send a Twitter message to the bill’s sponsor. Ask your friends and family to do the same.

Don’t Be Afraid – Speak Out

We live in an age of instant information. Years ago, activists would become involved in letter writing campaigns, phone calls and sit-ins. Now, we have the power of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Share pro-life messages with your followers. Encourage people to become involved.

What about you?

How are you involved in the pro-life movement? Share your ideas with us!

Simple Ways to Support the Pro-life movement


  1. Such great suggestions! I feel like the biggest way I’m helping the pro-life movement is by talking about it honestly with my littles. From visiting the nursing home to reading Angel in the Waters, I work really hard to plant the seeds of respecting life. 🙂

  2. Even though we are not Catholic, I can use your suggestions 🙂 I think that by having children, loving them, and modeling that motherhood is joyful and worthwhile we do so much for the cause of LIFE. Thank you for this post, my friend!

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