Support a Catholic Speaker: Father Wade Menezes, CPM

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Being born and raised in Kentucky, I’m still amazed at all the hidden jewels to find in my area.

For example … I never knew about the Fathers of Mercy. This community is tucked away in Auburn, Kentucky, about two hours from my home near Louisville.

Their primary apostolate is to conduct parish missions and retreats all over the United States, Canada and Australia. I’m amazed at the number of missions available — some are well within driving distance for me.

One of the priests you’ll find heading up their retreats is Father Wade Menezes, CPM. With degrees in journalism and communications, he’s well suited to be a part of Blessed John Paul IIs call to the New Evangelization.

Besides carrying out the Fathers of Mercy’s apostolate of parish missions, you may see him on EWTN or writing for Catholic publications such as The National Catholic Register and Our Sunday Visitor. If you missed him on TV, you can listen to some of his homilies on his bio page.

I discovered a vital resource among Father Wade’s writings. He has a special affinity for marriages and family life, and has compiled his list of Ten Commandments for Husbands, Wives, Children, as well as guidelines to guard against scrupulosity.

I’ve printed out the Ten Commandments of a Wife and Mother and filed it away in my Bible. It’s a wonderful reminder of our amazing vocation as wives and mothers. We’re called to lead by gentle example and I love the guidelines set by Father Wade here.

I’m glad to learn more about Father Wade and the Fathers of Mercy. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take a road trip to Auburn soon.

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  1. Fr. Menezes is originally from a near by town where I live. I have been blessed by his visits. Most specifically, a talk that he gave to a local homeschooling community of mothers. It was several years ago and i only had one child, 7-8 yrs at the time. the talk covered several issues pertinent to motherhood but the one that spoke to me most was, “How to guide your child in discerning his vocation.” Fr. Menezes listed a series of key points of action that should be followed. He also gave the corresponding ages. HIs plan of action is something that my husband and I have prayerfully followed for our eldest daughter and now the following littles.

    In addition, I had the great blessing of hearing Fr. Crotty another Fathers of Mercy, speak at a weekend retreat. He often speaks to the issue of spiritual warfare and his charism is in spiritual healing – powerful!

    May we keep this wonderful order of priests, the Fathers of Mercy, in our prayers.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam,

    P.S. My family refers back to the Ten Commandments (for Husband & Father, Wife & Mother, and Teens). They’re wonderful resources!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      Lena …

      That’s PERFECT! I’m actually on the planning committee for the Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference — I am adding his name to our speakers list ASAP.

      So wonderful to have you stop by and visit — congratulation on your newest GFG! Praying that Our Lady and St Gerard watch over you.

  2. Are you going to their Women’s Day of Recollection this Saturday, Oct. 6th? I really want to go, but it is a bad weekend for me. Marie Bellet, Catholic wife, mother and beautiful songwriter/singer is featured. I have all her CDs and LOVE them! I met her many years ago. My son, John and Justin Pybus just got back from a “Come and See” weekend with the Fathers of Mercy. John really loved it. They are awesome!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      ALL weekends stink for me! I work every Sat/Sun — and takes an act of Congress for me to find coverage. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more.

      I vote we ask him to come to next year’s conference.

  3. II am trying to get in touch with Fr. Wade. I want Fr. Wade to
    be a chaplain on our pilgrimage for the canonization of JPII

    Alex Lemos
    Mary’s Pilgrims1 – 800 847 6279
    email :[email protected]

  4. lucy patterson says

    Please let me know how old Father Menezes is? When and Where was he born, name of town in Kentucky. I see him on EWTN regularly. He has been part of the EWTN family for seems a very long time. And I just wanted to know how old, or young he is. Thanks

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