St Patrick’s Day Snacks for Kids

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We love to celebrate holidays and Catholic feast days with fun dishes and treats. Take a look at some super fun ideas for St Patrick’s Day snacks for kids!

St Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids

Treats for a St Patrick’s Day Party or Playgroup

St. Patrick’s Day Candy Treat Bags + Printable
If you’re heading to a St Patrick’s Day party or playgroup, these are perfect!

st patricks day snack for kids
Rainbow and Pot of Gold Treat
Do you love Skittles? Me, too! Don’t miss this fun {and EASY} Rainbow and Pot of Gold treat!

st patricks day snacks for kids
How to Make Lime Sherbet Punch – Crystal & Comp
Baby Daniel’s birthday is on March 17th, so I’ll bet we’ll be making this Lime Sherbet Punch for his party!

St Patrick's Day snacks for kids
Shamrock Snacks
I LOVE pretzels, and these shamrock snacks look delicious. Bonus? We can also talk about the ‘praying arms’ the pretzel shape creates!

8 St.Patrick’s Day Snacks and Lunches
Planning on hosting a St Patrick’s Day playdate? Here’s some great ideas for your lunch!

healthy snacks for St Patrick's Day

Healthy Snacks for St Patrick’s Day

Crafting a Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snack
Want to make sure your fun treat is healthy, too? Don’t miss these ideas.

Healthy Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Snacks
These rainbow snacks are adorable! I especially love the rainbow skewers! My kids will eat almost anything if it’s arranged on a fun stick!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Foods Platter
Beautiful AND healthy, too! I love this Rainbow Food Platter – it’s great for Saint Patrick’s Day or working on a weather or rainbow unit study.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Healthy Green Food
Raid your pantry and refrigerator to see just how many foods you can discover that are green! This is a fun way to introduce children to new favorites!

Edible Leprechaun for Picky Eaters
Got some picky eaters? What about trying this edible leprechaun, made of delicious veggies?

Easy St Patrick’s Day Snacks for Kids

Have some fun this St Patrick’s Day and get your kids to help you in the kitchen!

St Patrick's Day Snacks

St Patricks Day Recipes: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
I love getting our kids in the kitchen to help make fun treats. These homemade cinnamon rolls look yummy, plus even the toddler can help!

St Patrick's Day Snacks

“Magic” Leprechaun Pudding

As a homeschooling momma, I’ve been known to make our work in the kitchen a science lesson. This magic leprechaun pudding is a perfect way to spark curiosity in your children about how things work.

St patricks day snack mix

St Patrick’s Day Snack Mixes

Shamrock Snack Mix
St. Patrick’s Day Snack Mix

I love snack mixes — they’re a fun way to use up leftover cereals and incorporate tiny treats. These St Patrick’s Day Snack Mixes are going on my list. Which one do you think you might try?

St Patrick's Day Snack for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert: Irish Flag Trifle

As a family with Irish heritage, you’ll see us wearing our Irish colors often. I love this Irish Flag Trifle …. the kids are BEGGING me to make it!

What about you? Which of these fun St Patrick’s Day snacks for kids are going to make it on your list? Be sure and share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


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