Five Favorite Ways to Organize Homeschool Supplies

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This fall, I’ll be homeschooling three children, while trying to keep a newly walking toddler from eating the crayons.

We’re squeezed in like sardines in our home, with no separate homeschool room. Instead, we do most of our work in the living room and kitchen. How in the world do you organize your homeschool supplies when they are EVERYWHERE?

ways to organize homeschool supplies

I’m no master organizer like my friend Kathryn, but I’ll share the tools that we use to keep the mess supplies under a bit of control.

organizing homeschool supplies

1. Rolling Cart

We utilize a workbox system in our house, and these drawers contain the work for the day. Each drawer is labeled using these templates, along with velcro dots and my laminator. As the kids finish the work in the drawer, they pull off the label and stick it inside.

This system worked like a charm until Maeve learned to stand. She loves to pull off the labels and carry them through the house.


utility caddy

2. Art Caddies

I created personal caddies for each child, personalized with name labels, and filled with pencils, a sharpener, crayons and glue sticks so they can grab it and go.

By the end of the year, they’re a hot mess, but don’t take that long to re-organize.


pencil pouches for organizing homeschool

3. Pencil Pouches

I’m planning on using these to contain some of extra supplies like markers, glue sticks and colored pencils. I’m also planning on putting Rachel’s spelling words in a pouch, too. I can slip in into a binder or even in my purse for some studying on the road.

bookshelf for homeschool

4. Bookshelf

Honestly, I need two or three more.

We put the bigger kids books on the top shelves, while Maeve’s books are on the bottom.


organizing homeschool supplies

5. Over the Door Organizer

What a Pinterest gem! I use one of these in my linen closet to hold bandaids, soap, hair spray and more. I’m trying to figure out where I can hang another one to corral more school supplies like stickers and pom poms.

I’d love to hear some of your tips on organizing in a smaller house. I need all the help I can get!

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  1. HA! Sounds like you have some awesome things in place, D. You’re going to have a great year. It’s a good thing you can’t see my office desk!

  2. Cheryl Lage says

    We don’t homeschool, but by mandate keep a VAST supply of supplies at the ready for any and every impromptu project and assignment…x 2. We too LOVE LOVE LOVE our bookshelves…and keep ’em well-stocked in our basement (which is not used for anything other than ping pong and storage!)…That way, no pilfering for non-school supplies happens unless I fetch the goods! 🙂 Great tips, Dianna!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      I’m going to miss the days when I don’t ‘have’ to buy school supplies!

      Great to see you, Cheryl!

  3. These are fabulous. I just got a few of those art caddies for $1 at Target last week! What a find.

    I’m actually hosting a link-up for homeschool organization on my blog, beginning tomorrow evening. Feel free to link this up if you’re so inclined.


    • Dianna Kennedy says

      As usual, I’m behind in answering my comments —I’ll drop by and see if the link up is still up.

      Yup — Target was where I picked these up, I think.

  4. Lisa Schmidt says

    Heading over to Amazon to buy that laminator! Thanks for these good suggestions!

  5. We have 3 girls (ages 10,9 and 7) that I homeschool in our 2 bedroom apartment. We keep all of their stuff organized in zippered tote bags from LL Bean. Each girl has one plus I have one for all together/planning stuff. Coming by from the Homeschool Showcase.

  6. Great tips! I use a bunch of those myself.

  7. What a great list! I use pencil pouches for everything!

  8. Great tips! I have especially fallen in love with the over the door organizers and have them all over the house. For homeschool there are so many potential items to store in them! 😀

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