7 Catholic Blogs I Read Everyday

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I used to read a lot of blogs.


Remember the days of Google Reader? I had hundreds of blogs I followed.

Now days, I’m all about quality vs quantity. I’ve pared things down to a handful of sites that I read religiously. {pun intended}


Take a peep at my very favorite blogs from my very favorite Catholic mommas.

Catholic Mom

Trying to navigate the waters of raising your children in our beautiful, amazing Catholic faith? Catholic Mom is your go to site. Lisa Hendey and her team of Catholic writers offer something for every Catholic woman — whether you’re expecting, have one children or many, or if your children are grown.


colleenRaising Lifelong Learners

Colleen and I met when I tracked her down at the 2:1 Conference a few years ago. Fast forward to now, when you’ll find us regularly talking each other out of our crazy trees.

You’ll find an eclectic mix of helpful ideas at RLL — tips and tricks for raising intense children (hey, I’ve got some of those!), managing gifted and twice exceptional children, and a variety of hands on activities to inspire creativity in your kids.

raising creative kids

We’re setting some time aside for exploring Colleen’s latest book, Raising Creative Kids. There, you’ll find over 100 ideas for open ended play, using things you have around the house.

meetPamEd Snapshots

Ever met one of those ladies who was born organized? That’s Pam.

I love sitting and listening to Pam’s advice, and soaking up her wisdom. Her book, Plan Your Year, is one I pull out again and again, when I need to try and make sense of my crazy homeschool (lack of) routine.


Pam is challenging all of us to get down and tackle our homeschool spaces in January. Using her Refresh Your Homeschool challenge, I’m hoping to turn my hot homeschool mess into something of beauty.

(stay tuned for before and after pictures)


resources for Catholic momsAmongst Lovely Things

I’ve been reading Sarah for a few years, and always come away from her site inspired to make the most of my moments with my family.

She’s a fellow mother of six, and has identical twin boys just like me!
Her book Teaching From Rest has been my go to book this homeschool year …. it made me decide to switch to a year round approach, and to treat my homeschool as a marathon, not a sprint.

Her podcast, The Read Aloud Revival, is a balm to my spirit when I’m working on laundry and chores. You’ve got to take a listen.


angie_twitterReal Life at Home

You may know this site as a few different names — The Homeschool Classroom, or Catholic Mothers Online, perhaps?

Angie combined a few of her sites together under the umbrella Real Life at Home. I love the practical tips she offers for faith, homemaking, homeschooling and motherhood.


Whitaker-HeadshotTeam Whitaker

I met Kathryn on Twitter, when we were both writing for Catholic Moms Online.

Her wise words when I learned I was pregnant with Baby Daniel have stuck with me:
“It’s just one more ball in the crazy hopper. Relax.

She’s another fellow mother of six, can throw a rockin’ party, and will give Pam a run for her money in the organization department. She’s an inspiration to me for Catholic motherhood and marriage.


lisaThe Practicing Catholic

Another Catholic wife and mother I admire? Lisa Schmidt.

You’ll recognize her from Catholic Mom and The Practicing Catholic, where she chronicles life at Das Schmidt Haus as a Deacon’s wife.

Go check out these amazing ladies, and if you have a favorite blog that I didn’t mention, chat me up in the comments!


Thanks to the lovely Kelly for hosting the always lively 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Well aren’t you sweet, Dianna! Virtual hugs from Texas to you 😉

  2. I somehow missed that Refresh your homeschool challenge.

  3. Thanks Dianna. There are some great new ones on here I didn’t know about.

  4. Thanks for this great list…some new-to-me reads!

    And for the link to Pam’s challenge. Oh my, is it ever needed here at our place!

  5. I have been searching for a list of Catholic mommies online and I will add your suggestions to those I follow. I recently got in touch with Kathryn Whitaker (http://teamwhitaker.org/), what an awesome and sweet mom! I can almost hear her accent through the email! 🙂

    I also follow Kendra Tierney from http://www.catholicallyear.com/. It baffles me how stylish she is while raising and homeschooling 8 children. She is also pretty darn creative with her printable prayers!

    What a joy it is to have found this group of Catholic moms online, I had NO idea it existed two months ago!

    Maybe one day I’ll be in their league too, right now I’m a baby Catholic mamma blogging at http://www.thewhitfordlife.com 🙂

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