5 Days of Water Play for Kids: Water Balloon Piñatas

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Ready for another day of water play for kids? Let’s go have some fun!

Grab a ladder and some string or ribbon – we’re going to set up a piñata, water play style!

My kids love piñatas and water balloons – a hot summer day is perfect to combine the two for some water balloon piñata fun!

water play for preschool boys

Materials You Need:
Water Balloons
Baseball Bat
Bathing Suits

making water balloon pinatas

Get your water balloons prepped and ready. (Check out this picture! I think I broke as many water balloons as I filled!) After filling them, attach curling ribbon of varying lengths.

If you’ve got a tree with low hanging branches, you’re in luck. Simply tie the balloons to the branches using the ribbons you attached.

water balloon pinatas

No trees nearby? You could always use a rope to create a place for the balloons to hang.

Get the kiddos in their bathing suits, coat them in sunscreen and head for the outdoors.

water balloon piñata

Give your children a plastic baseball bat and have them take turns swinging at the water balloons. For added fun, add some blindfolds for extra challenge.

water play fun for girls

Be sure and have some beach towels on hand!

water play fun for kindergarten


  1. lynn @ Maven of Savin' says

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and cannot wait to try it!

    • Dianna Kennedy says

      My kids have so much fun with this! I might update it to change the ribbon to some sort of raffia or twine. The ribbon is STILL there!

  2. Super fun activity! My kids would love this!

  3. Hannah @ Making Boys Men says

    Great idea to hang them in a tree, we’ve just thrown them, but the pinata idea is great. Its winter for us now, so I’m off to pin for a reminder in the summer! ! Thanks for stopping by the outdoor play party

  4. Coombemill says

    I love this, definitely going to pin it as something to do here on a hot day in summer. Thank you

  5. Looks like so much fun. We’ll have to try this next summer. Thanks so much for linking to the OUtdoor Play Party.

  6. Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs.com says

    Oh how I wish I had a tree to do this activity!

  7. What a super fun idea! I have a lot of trees staring me down and begging for the kids and I to do this fun activity on this warm day. Thanks for sharing this fun outdoor game we are going to love it today!!

  8. What a fun idea! I no longer have any small children of my own, but several friends do and I am always looking for fun activities for when they visit!

  9. Jodie @ Growing Book by Book says

    Such a fun idea and a perfect hot weather activity. I’ll be going out on errands for the 3rd time and I’ll see if I can remember balloons this time. 🙂

  10. This is so perfect for a hot summer day! Great idea!

  11. What a FUN idea! We have two big trees that would be perfect, plus a fence we could string some rope from one side to the other!

  12. LOVE this! It is sooooo much funner than throwing things at each other. I can’t wait to get all the cousins together to play!

  13. Wow, that does look fun! Thanks for the great idea, Dianna!

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